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We decided to take a different path. Most web development companies do a little of everything. We provide best in class service, expertise and assistance with the most powerful “shopping cart” available to online merchants – Magento community and enterprise.
Exinent’s passion is e-commerce and our singular focus is Magento.

Clients at Soul2Shine explain why we focus on Magento when they note the “many challenges of running a Magento e-commerce website”. Eric and Susan are right. Magento = challenge and power.

Common Magento Ecommerce Challenges include

  • Integrating POS or financial systems
  • Getting Magento to play well with the other code (credit card processors for one example)
  • Using Magento’s SEO and content power to earn search engine rank
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) integration and customization (with WordPress say)
  • Safely adding needed plugins and add-ons

What e-commerce challenges do you and your team face? Share Your E-commerce Challenges

Magento isn’t for everyone. When your ecom website is mission critical, scaling rapidly and/or going to grow your brand Magento is what ecommerce pros use.  As former E-commerce Director and Curagami founder Marty Smith Notes:


                                               The most popular open source “shopping cart” (Magento) brings SEO, merchandising and engagement POWER.

                                       So much power can be good and/or bad news. read notes from other Magento – Exinent customers


We took a different path to help Exinent’s customers use Magento’s power to achieve their e-commerce goals. We help customers create good news while reducing or eliminating bad news.

All websites go bump in the night. If, like most Exinent web development competitors, we did a little of everything from WooCommerce to Shopify it may take hours to find and fix whatever new wrinkle is making your online store go “bump”. Hours = money to mission critical online merchants.

By focusing on Magento and only Magento we know when a problem hits all of our customers sites or just yours. We solve problems faster, bring sites online quicker and know what to do because Magento is our singular focus.

Even “Magento” describes a long flat prairie of information so Exinent specializes further.

We focus on Magento upgrades. Some clients are leaving the minor leagues (Shopify, Volusion, Big Commerce, etc. ) leveling up to the major leagues for Magento’s power, flexibility and security. Other merchants with great brands are creating their first Magento store.

We know how to help e-commerce merchants use Magento’s power to increase profits, lower costs and win customer hearts, minds and loyalty online.

If you’re interested in “leveling up” to Magento, call Exinent at +1-919-323-8991


We’re glad to help.


Adi Poli
Chief Technical Officer

Exinent, LLC.

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