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As the internet becomes increasingly crowded, it’s more important than ever for your eCommerce website to stand out from the crowd. At Exinent, we utilize a combination of industry best practices in SEO, taking your website to the top of any search provider’s organic results list.

Why eCommerce Sites are Unique: All websites are not created equal, and eCommerce websites face a variety of very specific challenges. As we create your eCommerce platform, we build it from the ground up so that all the items in your store are uniquely search-able and easy to find for customers.

On-site Optimization: A successful SEO strategy begins with a site audit to determine how well your website is performing in a variety of areas. From page titles and descriptions, to site and link structure, anchor text, content and code, we take a look at every detail to ensure that your site is designed to be both user-friendly, and optimized for search.

Mobile-Friendliness: With nearly 80% of web search now being done exclusively on mobile devices, Mobile-Friendliness has become critical to ensuring SEO success. Starting on April 21,2015, Google will be making Mobile-Friendliness one of their key metrics in determining search rankings, so if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll consistently rank lower in search results.

The Google Factor:There are currently over 250 known factors that impact the ranking of your website on Google search. In other words, SEO is no longer just a simple matter of links and keywords. We have 6+ years of experience helping our customers get the rankings their websites deserve, and increasing their revenues as a result.

Email Marketing

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With an estimated 120 billion emails sent out every hour, there is no doubt how important email is as a tool for communication in the modern age. As a result, internet marketers have leaned heavily on this tool to reach a large number of customers quickly and affordably. But due to the proliferation of email marketing, many consumers have grown weary of spam email and unwanted ads, and the challenge falls to marketers to find new and creative ways of continuing to reach and impact customers. Exinent can help you develop an email strategy that works, and is tailored to your business so you can cut through the internet congestion and get your message across.

Social Media Marketing

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How do you, as an individual, present yourself online? You likely have a Facebook account, a Twitter feed, and maybe a presence on Instagram, Pinterest or another social media site that allows you to share your thoughts and interests with friends and colleagues. Your business is no different, and needs to have an online personality that is equally compelling and inviting.

Who is your Audience? – The first step to developing a powerful and effective social media marketing strategy is to understand who you are selling to. Who is your target customer? What do they like to do in their free time? And most importantly, how can you reach them where they already spend their time?

Engagement is the Key – Once you’ve found your audience, the next step is to get them involved and interested in what your company is doing. Contests and promotions are one way to develop interest and excitement, but there are a variety of additional ways to develop an organic and interested audience via social media. Starting an online conversation about your product is the goal – we can help you get there.

A Thriving Community –Building a thriving online community is not simply about attracting visitors. Rather, it’s about inviting the right 1,000 visitors, and developing your community around users who are engaged, inspired by your product, and ready to tell the world. We can help you build a community that will grow with your business, and provide an inviting place where fellow visitors with similar interests feel engaged and welcome.

A Holistic Approach – When developing a successful social media strategy, every aspect of your business needs to be considered. From the basic analytics of Conversion and ROI, to monitoring user engagement levels, to creating and curating the kind of content that spreads like wildfire among the online community – SMM is both an art and a science, and one that we have been perfecting at Exinent for the past 6 years.

Content Marketing

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We live in an age where people fast-forward through TV ads on their DVRs, skip over online ads whenever possible, and have an ever-increasing desire to limit and control the content they are viewing. How then, can marketers continue to reach their target audience? One surefire way is through content marketing, or creating compelling, informative content that users choose to consume.

The Blog’s the Thing – Are you a thought leader in your particular subject? If you’re selling a product or service, chances are that you know a thing or two about what you’re selling. Creating compelling blog posts about subjects related to your product category can attract the right kind of customers, and inform your customers as you sell to them.

SEO in Content Marketing – The primary goal of content marketing is to create compelling and informative content for consumers, but you also need to make sure that your content is attracting the right attention. Through a tactical strategy of link-building, incorporating keywords, topic research and a variety of industry best practices in SEO, we can help you attract the attention your content deserves.

Start with “Why” – As modern marketing master Simon Sinek pointed out in his TEDx Talk, people make purchasing decisions based on more than the product or service itself. Customers want to believe in the products they purchase, as buying decisions are made with the heart as well as the head. Your product description and specifications address the head, but we can help you create and circulate content that appeals to the heart and gives customers an idea of who they’re buying from, and why.

The Core of your Strategy – Content marketing isn’t just one piece of an overall marketing strategy, but rather, forms the core of a successful marketing campaign. From Pay-per-click and inbound marketing, to SEO, SMM and PR – all marketing strategies rely on content to drive interest. At Exinent, we can help you devise a content marketing strategy that takes your particular business and your overall marketing approach into account, to produce better results and make a perceivable impact on your bottom line.

Inbound Marketing Automation

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Inbound marketing is an important component of an online marketing campaign, and utilizes a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to bring potential customers to your website. Once there, these prospects are engaged with relevant content, identified via online forms, and then nurtured through a variety of sales initiatives until they are ready to make a purchase.

The ultimate goal is to fully automate your online marketing process, and as with any machine, close monitoring and fine-tuning is required.

For the past six years, our developers have been working in the areas of marketing automation, marketing intelligence, and advanced workflow automation, helping companies better utilize the latest technologies to automate all aspects of the marketing process and finely tune their campaigns with the benefit of in-depth data analysis, knowledge of industry best practices and hands-on experience.

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