Ecommerce Development

Magento Development

The Power of Magento – Unleashed by Exinent

It doesn’t matter where your e-business is now; what matters is where it’s going and for a large number of eCommerce businesses every day, the destination of choice is Magento. Magento is an open-source platform, currently used by over 300,000 web stores, and its feature set and capabilities are nearly endless. Endless possibilities can be great, but can also be overwhelming, and that’s where Exinent comes in. With 6 years of Magento development experience behind us, we understand the platform inside and out, and we can unleash the true power of Magento and put it to work for your business.

Magento Extensions Development

Custom Extension Development

Custom extension development is a key component of any full-featured Magento shop, and for Exinent, it is foundational. For over 6 years, we’ve been creating our own unique custom extensions, to solve various problems and create functionality that simply isn’t available with an out of the box Magento installation. Custom extensions can help your website stand out from the pack by offering a cool new way to package or present an item, or by streamlining a specific process that’s essential to your business. But more importantly, they allow us to live up to one of our core beliefs: That if you can imagine it, we can make it happen in Magento.

Magento 2.0 Development

The Power Magento 2.0- A New Era From Exinent

Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready For Magento 2.0 Migration?

If you currently use the power of Magento for your webstore,it’s important to discuss migration and support options for Magento2.0 with a Magento certified expert.You dont have to delay using the advanced features of Magento2.0, as our expert team at Exinent is ready to help. We can help you usher in Magento2.0, and we’ll be there for the long run to help with support, design and maintenance.

Magento Site Support and Maintenance

When magento2 provides improved performance & scalability, support and maintenace can ensure fully responsive website & better ecommerce performance. If you would like to ensure that you ecommerce site is up to the challenge of high traffic and optimized for Magento SEO, get a quote for a monthly Magento2.0 support package.

Harness the power of Magento2.0 with Exinent, a full service ecommerce shop with a team of magento certified developers.


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