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Exinent is a Magento Development Services Company located in Research Triangle Park (RTP), N.C., specializing in Magento website development services for eCommerce stores. As certified Magento developers and expert eCommerce solution partners, Exinent offers the best online store and Magento development services on the market.

Magento Development Services

Trusted Magento Development Services Company

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If you are having issues with the Magento platform, or your eStore simply isn’t performing the way you would like, Exinent can help. The first step is a site audit, allowing our developers to go behind the scenes to understand how your site is operating. From there, we will give you a full report, complete with a list of suggestions for improving your website’s performance in a number of areas. We audit every aspect of your site, including:Many eCommerce sites and online merchants outsource their Magento development services to developers in other countries. This often leads to communication problems, misunderstandings, time zone differences and limited availability.

Exinent is local to the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area, with offices in Frontier at RTP. Our certified developers are some of the best Magento experts from across the United States, and understand the American eCommerce industry better than our overseas competitors.

Reliable Magento Solution Partner

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Exinent’s technical support staff is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We work with clients to resolve site issues quickly and explain solutions in plain English. If you’re looking to outsource your Magento development services, pick a company that is trusted by some of the top eCommerce stores in America.

Magento Development Services Offered by Exinent

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The certified Magento developers at Exinent work with eCommerce site owners to design online stores that are free from code errors, optimized for speed and efficiency, incorporate current feature enhancements, extensions and upgrades, and generate sales through unique UX/UI.

Exinent can solve all Magento problems, build any Magento site or extension, and support every Magento eCommerce store.
Here are a few of the Magento development services provided by Exinent:

Free Magento Code Audit

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Exinent’s free Magento code audit evaluates the site’s entire architecture, looking for security holes, errors and places causing slow performance. A Magento code audit from Exinent includes:

  • Checking that the Magento site, theme, security patches and that all extensions are upgraded to the latest supported version.
  • Reviewing local core file modifications/overrides and examining each change to assure no functionality was altered as a result.
  • Evaluating all installed Magento extensions, making sure each are certified by Magento, upgrading to the latest extension version and checking to see if any extension is creating a conflict or problem with the site.
  • Reviewing the core code files to make sure no conflicts are being caused, the code is optimized for performance and functionality, and to see if any low-level code files have been added, modified or deleted from the file structure.
  • Taking a look at the base template for the Magento site to see if any changes, modifications or deletions occurred, and if so, what conflicts, errors and performance issues may come from these alterations.
  • Checking the default template for changes that may create issues, errors, slow-speed, poor user experiences, site conflicts or security problems.

Magento Site Optimization

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Slow page load speed can lead to lost revenue and a bad user experience. When a Magento site is not optimized for performance, an eCommerce store can be difficult to for customers, which means less sales. Slow page load speed and slow site performance leading to missed sales is called Phantom Revenue. Is your eCommerce Magento site experiencing Phantom Revenue?

The Exinent team can help optimize a Magento site’s performance through a series of performance tests:

  • Reviewing current benchmarks on the live site and comparing them to past and optimal-level metrics.
  • Utilizing load balancer and other site speed tools to increase the eCommerce store’s speed.
  • Analyzing the Magento site’s Google Analytics to record weekly/monthly/yearly load time, and comparing this to current speeds, tracking peak-traffic and maximum-traffic times, and defining new benchmarks for future optimization.
  • Using new benchmarks to review server configurations on the live site and assure resource requirements are being met.
  • Evaluating the code being used to recognize bottlenecks, conflicts and redundancies, and resolving those issues within the Magento code.
  • Reviewing Magento and Apache/NginX configurations for processing and execution problems.
  • Optimizing web hosting and server configurations to match code output, benchmarks and other performance factors.
  • Improving most-visited pages through page size reductions, code edits and decreasing the number of page calls.
  • Implementing sprite loading for image-rich pages.
  • Analyzing the average checkout time, along with the extensions being used in the shopping car, to recognize and resolve extension dependencies, bottlenecks and conflicts causing increased checkout times.

Magento Feature Enhancements

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One of the best Magento features, and what helps make Magento the best eCommerce system, is the vast market of unique and useful extensions. While adding extensions to an eCommerce store is a great way to brand the site and create a unique user experience, sometimes there are better solutions.

Having too many extensions running simultaneously can cause additional problems and can lead to slow page load speed and performance. Instead of using extensions to accomplish all the desired extra features, sometimes editing the Magento code can accomplish the same thing without causing performance issues.

The Exinent team of Magento web developers are experts at developing code that can accomplish whatever an eCommerce business is looking to do. The certified Magento developers at Exinent will extend, adjust and edit the out-of-the-box site code to achieve the desired features provided by most extensions. By following Magento’s best practices and guidelines, code can be extended through the Magento local folder to provide enhanced features and benefits without sacrificing speed or performance.

Magento Security Patches and Site Updates

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The key to keeping an eCommerce site safe and secure is to stay up-to-date with all Magento code updates, security patches, bug fixes and malicious threats.

Exinent’s development experts track all Magento and Magento-related critical and recommended updates, including throughout the Magento Store and on all relevant 3rd-party software. When an update is released, or a new threat occurs, Exinent is alerted immediately, and will take the necessary steps to make sure these updates and security patches are updated quickly and safely.

When a Magento store requires and update, Exinent is available 24/7 to take the necessary actions. First, Exinent will test the updates or patches on a development or test site to assure safe integration. After complete testing in a safe environment occurs, Exinent will then migrate the patch to the live site and check again for potential issues.

If there is no Magento test site available for a particular eCommerce store, Exinent offers access to its own servers and can set up a testing and development site there.

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