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Get started creating a creative and effective experience for your website visitors with custom Magento plugin development by Exinent.

Create Magento Custom Modules

Putting a little creativity into a Magento build is a key component of many successful Magento eCommerce sites. At Exinent, we’ve been creating our own unique custom extensions to help our customers solve problems and create functionality that just isn’t available with an out of the box Magento installation. Magento plugin development can help your website stand out from the pack by offering a cool new way to package or present an item, or help streamline a process that’s essential to your business.

Getting Started with Custom Magento Extension Development

Exinent provides a fixed quote for this service, we’ll implement the extension so it works seamlessly on your Magento build. Just tell us what you want to achieve with your extension and your timeframe. The experts at Exinent will put together a custom plan to create Magento module and achieve your goals in a fast and effective way, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

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Magento Custom Extensions by Exinent

Our team has developed Magento modules now available on Magento Connect, the official apps and extensions marketplace on We have designed these extensions with the needs of eCommerce store owners in mind– and the ultimate goal of making products easier to purchase for customers. All of our extensions are free and easy to install. Exinent is your source for Magento module development.

Let Exinent show you the way

Using a Magento site can be a challenge but the results are well-worth it. Magento extension development can help your eCommerce store gain more sales, boost search rankings, optimize performance, and enhance existing functionality through new features and design elements.

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