Meet The E-Commerce Phantom


Every morning you get to meet the ghost in your machine, the e-commerce Phantom stealing you blind. Web phantoms steal in many ways, on Tuesday we’re going to expose one of their favorite ways to crush your online dreams – slow page loads.

What is Phantom Revenue? What happens if you double your web traffic and conversions at the same time? The Phantom knows

Who Knows the Phantom Few realize the art of the steal is happening right under their nose. On Tuesday you will learn how to defeat the phantom

Who Should Attend? Anyone who wants to take back what is theirs, make more this year than last with less effort should learn about the e-commerce Phantom.

Meet the Phantom Busters & Webinar Speakers

Marty Smith

Founder of Startup Factory Funded Curagami with 16 years & $30M+ in E-commerce Sales


Tom Puchalski

Adi Poli

Magento Practice Manager and Principal

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