Magento Troubleshooting

Need help with your Magento website? Let our qualified team of Magento developers take a look at your eCommerce site and fix Magento issues hurting your website’s performance.

Stuck with Magento issues? We can help you get unstuck.

For people and businesses all over the globe, Magento is one of the best ecommerce solutions out there. But, getting started can be somewhat complicated, and getting your website completely perfect (especially when you’re doing it with a small in-house team) can be tricky.

Our Magento troubleshooting services can be useful to Magento users who need a nudge in the right direction. Most things in Magento are easy to set up yourself, but occasionally things can be tricky.Or, maybe you had another development company set yours up with a Magento website, but now you can’t update the shopping cart to your liking. Exinent can help. Our team has been working in Magento for 7+ years, and we’d be happy to make the necessary changes to get your site running the way you originally envisioned it.

Getting started with Magento Troubleshooting

If something on your Magento build is broken, check our knowledgebase blog first for common troubleshooting solutions for Magento.

Exinent also performs free Magento code audits– where our specialists evaluate the site’s entire architecture, looking for security holes, errors and other elements that could cause slow performance.

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Our Magento Troubleshooting Service covers all issues big + small:
  • Add additional shopping cart functionality
  • Add a new payment method
  • Change the layout of your content
  • configure magento with a new domain
  • resetting admin password
  • Enable SEO-friendly URLs
  • speed up your magento site
  • add a contact form
  • Disable the “compare products” functionality
  • solve “access denied” issues
  • setup a custom users group

Let Exinent show you the way

Using a Magento site can be a challenge but the results are well-worth it. Our experts can help fix Magento and as a result help your eCommerce store gain more sales, boost search rankings, optimize performance, and enhance existing functionality.

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