10 Rising E-Commerce Trends to adopt in 2019

E-Commerce is rapidly growing every year, last decade there are numerous developments. Businesses who adopted the latest E-Commerce trends are greatly benefited.2018 is known to be the revolutionary year in many aspects of E-Commerce, from AI based Chatbots to  Personalization engines many adoptions are significantly improved e-commerce sales revenue and customer success.

Most of the E-Commerce trends of 2018 are about improving personalization for every user on his/her shopping journey. There are many innovations in 2018 towards E-Commerce but not all of them adopted by many businesses. These adoptions are must if you are planning to improve your store sales performance in the year 2019.

  1. Google Https
  2. Mobile First Indexing
  3. GDPR
  4. Social Integration
  5. E-Commerce Chatbot
  6. Personalization Engines
  7. Virtual Reality
  8. AI based Technologies
  9. What’s app Integration
  10. ROPO


Google has announced in early days of 2018, that it will display the website as “insecure” if the website does not have an SSL certificate applied to all pages of the site. This update was rolled out in mid of 2018. This update has a significant effect on all sites which are not using full site SSL. Many sites have seen increased bounce rate and increased cart abandonments. If you have not already updated your site’s SSL certificate  to full site ssl, it’s a must do in your checklist for 2019.


Google has officially announced about Mobile First Indexing, that it will only index a website that is fully mobile optimized when the user searches from Mobile. Google has rolled out this update in 3 phrases by updating its google webmasters tool about their state of Mobile First Indexing update. It’s evident that Google mobile results will be biased towards websites which are well optimized to mobile and if you are targeting for more mobile users in 2019, you should must check whether your site is ready for “Mobile First Indexing”.
Mobile users metrics: 2018 has seen exceptional growth in mobile E-Commerce with 62.4% purchases from mobile, and it is estimated that in 2019 mobile E-Commerce traffic will reach 75%


EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most critical change in data privacy regulations of 2018. Any Organization in EU or does business in EU must comply with GDPR.Data recorded from the customers should be kept highly confidential any difference in the policy like data breaching the company is liable up to 4% of the annual turnover. This policy has an enormous impact of all businesses within EU or who does business in EU. Every business who work in EU needs to revise their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions based on GDPR. It’s a significant update in 2018, and if your store has the plan to operate in EU you must update this in 2019


Social Media Channels played a vital role in the growth of E-Commerce businesses since last five years,2018 has seen many advancements in social commerce( E-Commerce from Social Media). Facebook has launched AI based chat integration for every business page which made it easy for Facebook users to communicate with brands easily. Facebook has also launched the new Digital IQ feature in its advertising where businesses can understand the insights on customer buying journey for different verticals. Instagram introduces many advanced marketing tools, Twitter and Linkedin which are must use adoptable channels in 2019


E-Commerce Chatbot has become most significant adoption in 2018, which automates the process of live chat support, using a computer program by understanding the nature of query with the help of dialogue systems, it will generate an accurate and appropriate response to the customer query. This method is widely successful for large-scale eCommerce sites to offer chat support to wide range of customers at very low-cost. This way businesses can increase the efficiency of live chat support team only by engaging them with un-solved queries through chatbots. Chatbot option is a must adoption in 2019 in order excellent user experience in pre-sales and post-sales process.


Creating Custom landing pages, advertisements, offers and brand Messaging based on the buyer persona will create massive impact in conversions, it’s an old-school technique using a universal landing page or ad copy for all customers, as we know every buyer has a unique personality. Detailed personalization in the content drives more sales to the business. Attracting visitors is one part but converting the optimum number of customers who have visited will create a colossal difference in conversions.


Virtual Reality in E-commerce offers 360 degrees visualization of the products to the customer environment, for example, if you are buying seat covers for your car using virtual reality you can have a real visualization on how they look in reality. The same applies to furniture and apparel shopping. Virtual Reality or Virtual Trail Room applications are rarely used by some of the E-Commerce stores and have seen exceptional growth in sales in 2018.2019 must be the year to bring VR into your E-Commerce store and get benefited.


AI-based technologies like natural language processing; machine learning and deep learning can bring E-Commerce to the all-new level as these technologies can help E-Commerce businesses by automating the process of product suggestions, fraud detection, content personalization, price optimization categorization, and customer segmentation. 2018 has seen astonishing results using these technologies but not very much adopted by many businesses. 2019 is the year to integrate these technologies with your E-Commerce store to see extraordinary growth


Whatsapp is the most used mobile IM now a days, apart from email and mobile messaging communication most of the businesses are adopting WhatsApp messaging for transactional information, to make it easy for their customers to access the information quickly and easily. Majority of online services including movie ticket reservations, flight booking, E-Commerce transactions, and Food ordering details are communicated through WhatsApp.There are also advancements like businesses are offering support messaging from WhatsApp its self.
As WhatsApp grown to the extent of the primary communication channel, it’s crucial to E-Commerce stores to integrate Whatsapp as a communication channel.

10. ROPO

Research Online Purchase Offline, Tracking referrals of in-store sales is tough, and it’s complicated to track the effectiveness of digital campaigns to in-store sales. By combining the information collected from Social Media, Location Tracking, Mobile Payments, Inventory, analytics, and CRM, etc.
CRM acts as the central systems to track the Digital Campaigns Success in Offline Purchases or In-Store purchase. 2019 is the to enable this type of tracking mechanism where businesses can quickly improve the Digital Campaigns effectiveness with the help of these reports.