5 Reasons Why Magento Is a Top Platform for ecommerce

When you compare with other platforms, Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms. Magento is famous for its open-source platform and from the past ten years, it has been captured the hearts and minds of everyone. Magneto provides community edition for free, and an enterprise edition is a paid version.

Based on the popularity, several big companies adopted Magento as their e-commerce platform. This platform will help you maintain various levels that you reach with e-commerce, and this happens only when you choose Magento for your business.

Here, we will explain to you five reasons why we think Magento is one of the top platforms for your online shopping store:

#1. Instant Purchases
Those who are into e-commerce, they consistently think about how to increase sale -whether through marketing, promotions, or social media marketing. You can see sales increase only when you run an upgrading technology on your e-commerce website.
The Enterprise platform from Magento introduced instant purchase feature last year where you can help your business to increase sales from the existing customers. Customers who depend on your brands, love to buy from you. Whereas, repeat customers help you to continue your business who buy it regularly lead to customer acquisition costs.

The Instant purchase feature stores information like payment details and shipping information of the existing customer to make their purchase faster. By decreasing the time in giving the input details of the payment and shipping, leads to a quick increase in sales. Another element to increase your sales and marketing strategy is to sell at mass-market products on your store with affordable prices and instant purchase.

#2. Freedom To Select Hosting Service
E-commerce Hosting offers less control for customizing your site. Hosted sites are more expensive. Whereas, the Magento Platform allows you to choose the hosting of your choice for your website. Magento Go is a paid service and hosted on Magneto server’s platform with other versions of Magento. In this way, the cost stays low and you can even switch another hosting service if you are not satisfied or face any issues. Magento Go offers you with some options that give you benefits which are available with the Magento Community edition platform.

#3. Better Analytics And Metrics
Your e-commerce business explains whether your website is growing or dying by the strength of the analytics and metrics you receive. Choose a world-class platform to know where the improvements are required and help you to know where the growth is coming to your website.

Magento Enterprise holds dozens and dozens of pre-defined reports for you, to see about the history of the customers who are purchasing or about the information about last week sales. You can also get Magento analytics, as well as Google analytics assists you to understand what kind of e-commerce traffic that you are receiving.

Dashboards and email data can be accessible by staff members to know how much data they receive daily, weekly and monthly. Therefore, you can take the total advantage of the collection of analytics and data that this platform provides you to enable your e-commerce business to grow steadily. Therefore, Magento is one of the best platforms for your ecommerce business. You can see the deposit collection of analytics and data which you can get from the platform so you can easily allow your e-commerce business to grow consistently.

#4. Efficiency
A slow website will create damage to the reputation of its website. It directly impacts on your customer loyalty. When your website performs better, you will see more satisfied users.
However, websites will not entertain to load slowly anymore. Customers expect satisfaction from sellers’ websites. They get frustrated when WebPages do not load instantly or they get bored and frustrated and move on to the next website. You need to find a better solution to stop the problem facing by customers. Magento collects all the data and enables your cache data, then retrieves data within no time and gives some other tools that help you to make sure in the e-commerce space.

#5 Multi-currency support
The payment gateway has always been a struggle for the e-commerce stores but when it comes with Magento, it is like a breeze; it is capable of adding multi-currencies.
Acquired features on the website of Magento scales your business to a global level.

Magento is a feature-rich e-commerce platform which offers solutions to developers and merchants complete freedom to customize the website as they are fancy. There are several reasons why Magento is a top platform for ecommerce. If you need any assistance regarding your Magento store, please contact our experts at Exinent LCC.