5 Ways You Can Double Your Magento E-commerce Store’s Sales

E-commerce is one of the growing industry which increases in percentage each year.
The basic element for the success of any e-commerce is to gain new customers. Sellers need to take some precautions to target the existing customers and to grab the new one towards their e-commerce store.

Online retailers face tough competition to survive among the other markets and choose a platform that offers functionality and features. When sellers contact online merchants those who want solutions of Magento e-commerce, both Magento community and Magento enterprise, the client asks why they are not selling and how they can convert visitors into buyers.

In this blog, we will share some crucial tips on how to double your Magento store.

Optimize e-commerce easy checkout process

Do your customers face difficulties in your checkout process? Cart abandonment is a significant problem faced by many e-stores. To reduce cart abandonment, sellers need to make it easy and straightforward so that they can generate more sales from their e-stores.

If you want your sales to be successful and you need to simplify and make a secure checkout process. For this, first, you need to know the customers experience whether it is positive or not. The rate of abandoned carts will give you a clear idea to examine the effectiveness of your plans to achieve the process.

If customers find that the checkout process has lots of steps, they will move out of the site during the checkout phase. To avoid cart abandoned, you can add a one-step checkout which simplifies it for the customers.

Offering Multiple payment options

Payment gateways act as a mediator which convert the payment transactions between online store and customers. As a store owner, you should always provide a safe secure and user-friendly shopping experience for customers. For better results, the store owner can offer multiple digital payment options to the customers who visit their store.

Instead of offering one payment method you can provide PayPal, credit cards and many other options which is comfortable with making the payments for the web customers.

However, every country has its checkout and payments process; sellers who want to sell it worldwide need to be more responsible and offer multiple payment options with the help of Magento extensions for the customers.

Offer free shipping

Sellers can come with conditions like they can provide shipping for zero cost but for that customers need to make a certain amount of purchase. This offer pulls the biggest crowd to your store. However, most of the people do not show to pay extra for shipping costs,  and it is helpful to offer zero shipping cost for all the Magento stores. By this, you can increase the sales of your Magento store with high profits.

Ways to promote the product on Homepage:

You can follow many tips to engage your customers on your online store. One of the best advice to attract customers is adding popular or new products to your homepage of an online store. This is one of the better ways to promote your products and attract existing customers along with the new ones.

However, if you have new stock in the market, and you want to attract your customers then you should add it on the homepage of your store. This will help your visitors to know about the new stock and what makes it different from other competitors.

For example

If we see Nestlé (also a Magento user), they come with lots of features like adding new products on their homepage and changing them regularly to encourage visitors to come back for buying purpose.

Show how Reliable your store.

For every seller, it’s essential to win the trust of the customers by collecting information through ratings that suggest the status and popularity of your Magento store. You can add rich snippets – provides information about the webpage and informs the search engine.

However, the search engines are using markup data to show the best results to what they search and apply to find any information quickly for the customers.

If you are interested to know more ways to increase your sales of the e-commerce store or to create a new Magento store, for further queries, please contact our Magento ecommerce Developers and consultants today at Exinent LCC.