6 Killer ways to ace your product descriptions with Magento store

Product description. Why bother? Aren’t just product specifications enough? After all, that’s what your buyer actually needs to know.

If that’s how you think, it’s time to reconsider. Specifications may work in a world where machines and AIs are purchasing. But your buyers are real human beings – a full sack of emotions. No matter what they are buying, the first thing that impresses them is the emotional component of the product – the colour, the attitude, the brand loyalty – whatever that may be.

So, when you make a sale, you appeal to your brand’s personality and reach out to fulfil the emotional needs of your buyer. And how do you do that?


An engaging and inspiring product description.

But does that mean that you can do away with specifications? Well, no. Yes, your buyer makes the decision based on the emotional factor but logic is what backs up the decision and makes it foolproof. And that logical decision is taken based on the details of the specification.

So, how do you write the perfect product description?

Know Your Audience

Are your buyers millennials? Are they tech-savvy? Are they vogue? Are they professionals? Are they retro? Jot down the character profile of your customer base. Take the help of your Magento Analytics to track the behaviour, lifestyle and choices. Find their lingual registrar and just ‘talk to them’ through your product description – talk like a co-member of their community, a co-follower of their beliefs, a co-practitioner of their rituals!

Tell The Story That Your Product Entails

A product specification only tells about What is and not about What it signifies. It is through the product description that you can tell your buyers not just what you have to offer, but how they can benefit from your products. Highlight the ‘good things’ about your product with emotional nouns or superlative adjectives. Support your claim through facts. Hit the dictionary a couple of times to find the ‘just right’ word. Maintain consistency of your tone throughout. But at the same time, it is also very important that you mention it if there is an obvious limitation to the product (and how it may help in an alternate scenario).

Make It Scannable – Both For The Human Eye & The Search Engines

Story-telling works – but only the tiny tales, not novels. No one has that kind of patience. All through your story, make sure that the impactful adjectives stand out (format the font, if required). Make the description a quick read and also an easy one. The less your buyer has to think, the more he is likely to convert.

Similarly, you have to make your content accessible by the search engines also. A flowery, artistic language may be good for engagement and conversion but that definitely won’t give you traffic. And hence, keywords! Use the proper and relevant keywords to ensure that your product reaches your targetted customers. But again, at the same time, a product description is more than just hashtags – blend your keywords in the story and you will be able to reach buyers easily and engage them better.

Detail Out The Product Specification

Fill up the details section as minutely as possible. Do not leave out any section just because ‘it’s not much relevant’; if the parameter applies, fill it in. Detailing removes confusion and allows your customer to make an informed choice. It reduces the chances of returns.

In your Magento Store, you can customize and choose the parameters which apply to your product. Thus, the specification section of your product description is not spammed with irrelevant parameters. This allows your customers to access the details of the product in a single crisp shot without getting distracted by unnecessary blank spaces.

Ensure Authenticity With Quality Images

Images multiply sale exponentially. Images, in a way, make the product ‘tangible’ – as if, it validates the existence of the product; it is like a proof that of authenticity.  Needless to say, images should be original and of high quality.  You can watermark them or ‘badge’ them to make an added impression.

You can tactfully design the background of the image such that it conveys an attitude, makes an impression and subtly makes a promise of betterness in presence of the product.

Videos, on the other hand, can do much more than ‘setting a mood’. A video that depicts the functioning of your product can directly log a positive mark on the decision-making sector of your buyer’s mind.

Update Your Product Description To Meet The Trends

Found a new angle that sees your product differently? Has your product attracted a different category of shoppers? Don’t let your older product description make them feel excluded. Product descriptions needn’t necessarily be a one-time work. You can (and should) tweak and update your product descriptions to suit the needs of the ever-changing market.

There is power in a product description. A power to engage, a power to convert, a power to build trust and loyalty. Researches show that product description is a leading cause of why people buy an item. Make a little effort and reap the covert benefits of a killer product description.