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The Adobe Commerce Cloud is a cloud hosted platform of Magento and offers a diverse set of features that help you create an engaging shopping experience for your customers. It easy to build, manage, and scale-up as per your specific business requirements.

Top Features of Adobe Commerce Cloud

The Adobe Commerce Cloud platform is ranked as a leader in Digital Commerce by Gartner, and gives you complete agility and flexibility for your E-Commerce store. Adobe Commerce Cloud is suitable for both B2B and B2C selling platforms, and has unparalleled features for online selling.

It offers a vast number of tools for mobile, SEO, pricing, promotions and many more-to create an enriched shopping experience for your customers. It helps you easily set-up an online store with a cost and value driven advantage.

The integrated drag and drop Page Builder in the Adobe Commerce Cloud helps you easily design your web pages without having to access the backend of the platform.

You can secure your data with integrated security features and tools that secure every aspect of your store, without having to depend on third-party extensions.

Adobe Commerce Cloud has an online marketplace from where you can easily add features with a huge number of Apps, Integrations, and Extensions.

Adobe commerce cloud

Extended Features 


Multi-Store Solution: The platform offers an easy way to sell for both B2B and B2C business models from a single website and account, making it suitable for both retail and wholesale selling.

Integrated PWA Studio: The Adobe Commerce Cloud helps you easily create Progressive Web Applications-which are hybrid applications that include both the features of mobile Apps and online websites, with the integrated PWA Studio.

Amazon Integration: You can directly sell on the Amazon marketplace by linking your Adobe Commerce Cloud to the Amazon sales channel. This gives the benefit of also selling your products on the world’s largest online selling platform.

Business Intelligence-Reporting and Dashboard:  The built-in Business Intelligence features help you easily transform your data into insightful reports and dashboards, helping you better manage your business and take data driven decisions.

ERP Integration:  The platform offers easy integration to your ERP and CRM software’s, so that you can have a cohesive platform that gives you complete control over your business.

PCI Compliance:  Adobe is a certified Level 1 PCI Solution provider, which ensures that your website is compliant with PCI norms by offering easy certification process for sellers. It also offers integrated payment gateways that help make secure payments on your website by API methods and payment forms.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Development Services in USA

Our full-stack Adobe Commerce Cloud website development team will take care of every aspect of your site, from back-end development to customer-facing design. Talk to us about building your perfect E-Commerce site today at 919-425-5959, and see how we can make a difference.



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