Azure Cloud Automation Services

Cloud Automation Services
Azure Automation is a cloud-based platform service that provides automation and configuration capabilities across Azure and non-Azure environments. It enables the automation of repetitive, time-consuming, and defect-prone tasks in cloud management.
Automation increases process efficiency, reduces defects, and lowers operational costs. It can be used to control hybrid cloud environments, use serverless runbooks to integrate cloud management systems, and ensure consistent management for Windows and Linux cloud environments.

Benefits of Azure Automation Services

Costs and Time Savings

Azure Automations services helps reduce your TCO by automating repetitive and error-prone processes, giving you a savings in time and costs.

Monitor Resources

Get better visibility across your resources with built-in reporting capabilities and identify issues by diagnostics and track for unwanted changes.

Easy System updates

Hybrid, on-prem and Azure cloud models, working on either Windows or Linux platforms can be scheduled for easy updates.

Service Integration

Azure enables graphical creation of runbooks in PowerShell or Python for integrating systems and services for deploying and managing your operational processes. Automation can be triggered from ITSM, monitoring systems, and DevOps to fulfil requests and ensure continuous delivery.

Simplified Configuration Management

Automation enables you to create and manage PowerShell configuration, import external configuration scripts, and create node configurations in the cloud.

Scalability and Service Reliability

Serverless Runbooks enable easy scalability for your emerging needs by delivering reliable services faster, so that you can focus on your core business requirements rather than maintaining your existing systems.

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