Azure Migration Services

Azure Migration Services

Migrating your existing infrastructure to a cloud-based Azure model is one of the biggest challenges that companies face in their foray into the cloud. We at Exinent are here to help with your migration process based on best practices to achieve seamless migration to the Azure cloud.

Our team of cloud migration experts would help you in every stage of planning, evaluating, envisioning, migrating, and optimizing your cloud environment by building a holistic migration plan customized for your business requirements.

We follow Industry best practices for an effective and planned migration to Azure.

  • Define and Plan: Discover the software and workloads that you intend to migrate. This phase also involves the usage of the Azure Autoscaling feature to dynamically scale the migration to meet the performance requirements.
  • Evaluate: Evaluate the procedure by categorizing workloads and applications that are to be migrated by evaluating your existing infrastructure, capacity, resilience, and maintenance. We use the MAP toolkit and Microsoft Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment tool for preparing the workload movement to Azure.
  • Devise: Devise a method for identifying the destination of the actual workloads. This will include a consideration of factors such as speed, ease of migration, Virtual Machines, costs, and operating systems, along with the movement of physical servers workloads into the cloud.
  • Migrate: This is the actual process for migration and requires comprehensive technical expertise and best practice incorporation to make the process streamlined and effective.

Exinent offers reliable and efficient migration services to migrate to the Microsoft Azure cloud, and offers post-migration governance and management best practices. If you are looking for a Migration partner for moving to the Azure environment, do get in touch and see how we can make a difference


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