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From deployment and maintenance to maximizing security, Exinent empowers merchants and businesses with the power of Microsoft cloud. Whether you are just exploring Azure or already have a cloud environment running, our team of Azure professionals is ready to accelerate your growth. We provide top-notch Microsoft Azure consulting services that let you scale up your business quickly and demonstrate a measurable ROI.

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Taking Security to the Next Level

Cloud security is a critical aspect of every business. Staying secure in the cloud is not only important from a business perspective but also from a customer perspective. While Azure is unquestionably one of the best cloud platforms when it comes to security, one needs to be an expert to make most out of those features or even go beyond that make their Azure environment highly secure and robust. Exinent helps Azure clients launch highly scalable solutions in the cloud while not compromising on security.


Azure Stack Services

Azure Stack is a fairly new feature from Azure that lets its users run applications on-premise and delivery services directly from a data center. The platform allows businesses and organizations to be agile and take quick decisions without worrying about technological limitations. At Exinent, our qualified Azure professionals ensure businesses take full advantage of Azure Stack capabilities. As Stack needs a different kind of expertise, our team can effectively deploy and manage the Stack environment.

Deploying Web Applications and Portals

At Exinent, we deploy resource-demanding and high-available web applications such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. and help you scale them as the business grows. Our experts leverage Azure’s built-in auto scale and load balancing features that ensure a highly responsive web application with near-zero downtime and no glitches. Our team ensures continuous deployment with Git, GitHub, and DevOps.


Azure Security Best Practices

Exinent follows Azure security best practices to proactively counter threats and keep the cloud environment secure. Our proactive approach when it comes to security identifies the threats beforehand rather than mitigating them, thus reducing the risk of downtime or data loss to a great extent.

  • Restricted user access
  • Multi-level authentication systems
  • Simplify user security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Best practices training
  • Key management

Azure Managed Services

Exinent helps Azure users in every aspect from deploying and managing to following best practices to ensure that they get the best ROI on cloud spend. With Exinent by your side, you can confidently configure and deploy applications in the cloud without worrying about complex tasks such as provisioning, monitoring, ensuring service availability, load balancing, or troubleshooting.


Expert Azure AI & ML Services


Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning provides all essential tools for building robust AI models. Exinent can help you build, deploy, streamline, and accelerate Azure ML models. Our AI & ML experts can put machine learning your core IT strategy. Explore our Azure machine learning services and begin innovating that boosts scalability, productivity, and many other aspects of your business.


Internet of Things (IOT)

Exinent provides comprehensive IOT development services depending on your business’s needs. We combine your vision and our expertise to build robust IOT solutions that help your organization take data-based decisions. We have built applications that helped our clients monitor their systems and performances better, save time, and most importantly, boost the growth of their businesses.


Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Azure has remarkable and most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Exinent provides complete AI solutions on Azure cloud. We help businesses build, deploy, and manage Machine Learning solutions. We use tools and frameworks and develop AI models using automated machine learning techniques. With Exinent by your side, AI is not as complex as one may think.

Our Features

Our Azure Service Packages are based on your business’s needs:

  • Build websites with ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js
  • Migrate applications and infrastructure
  • Caching
  • Cloud Services
  • Hadoop
  • Deploy and run Windows and Linux Server
  • SQL Database
  • CDN
  • Business Analytics
  • Media Services

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