Benefits of Magento AWS hosting

Magento hosting

Finding a right Magento hosting partner is one of the many challenges an e-commerce business owner faces. Whether it is choosing a host for the first time or migrating from one hosting provider to another, one needs to research a lot to ensure a right choice.

When it comes to e-commerce software, there are not a lot of platforms that come close to the Magento’s features, stability, and agility. The Magento platform lets a merchant build their store precisely the way they want and scale it up from there onwards. Since hosting is a significant factor that influences Magento’s scalability, reliability, and security, it is essential that a new or experienced e-commerce business owner pays attention to the hosting part of their e-commerce project.

To help you understand hosting better and make a wise decision, we at Exinent planned to post a series of blogs that discuss Magento hosting solutions provided by leading hosting providers. As a part of it, this article talks about hosting Magento on Amazon’s AWS platform.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon aws

Amazon Web Services, commonly referred to as AWS, is a subsidiary company of Amazon that offers high-available and on-demand cloud computing services. AWS allows IT professionals across the globe do many things from developing and integrating applications to hosting them. Managing or mastering AWS is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the platform is technically and monetarily elastic enough to support anything from a small local business to a global e-commerce enterprise.

Magento and AWS

Magento and AWS are a match made in heaven. Magento’s flexibility and AWS’s top-notch cloud servers let merchants grow their business at a pace they want while being easy on the pocket. One of the best features of AWS is that it handles traffic spikes efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Here are some top benefits of hosting Magento on Amazon Web Services.

1. Scalability

Amazon Web Services pricing model is a little different to the plans of conventional hosting providers. AWS allows you to pay only for what you use, which is not the case with traditional web hosting companies that offer VPS or bare metal servers. Since the Amazon’s hosting platform lets its users increase or decrease a cloud server’s capabilities on an ad-hoc basis, merchants can upgrade their hosting resources for specific times in a year such as Black Friday and holiday season. When the season is over, they can downgrade their server and pay less.

2. Affordability

Amazon Web Services pricing does look complicated for an average non-technical individual. However, in reality, merchants save more money with AWS than conventional VPS or dedicated servers. As said earlier, an AWS customer only pays for what they use. It sounds unbelievable, but AWS plans start from as low as $5 a month!

3. High performance and high availability

Amazon, undeniably, is one of the world’s most customer-centric company. Needless to say, it’s also one of the wealthiest companies in the world. They do have the best infrastructure in place, and that certainly helps your Magneto website to be up and running all the time. Your tenure with AWS is backed by one of the best SLAs (service-level agreements) in the domain and web hosting industry. Amazon offers several tools that ensure 99.999% (five nines) uptime.

4. Security

Security is a critical component of an e-commerce project. An insecure online store not only destroys its own growth and reputation but also puts customers’ payment sources at risk. Amazon follows security best practices that protect your Magento store from threats like DDOS attacks, intrusions, hacking attempts, etc. Amazon has enough technical and financial resources to protect their servers and their customers’ websites and applications from bad guys.

5. Diverse Availability Regions

If you run an e-commerce website for the audience in the UK, you would ideally need to host your website on a server located in the United Kingdom. It reduces the ping time and increases the page loading speed. Amazon’s cloud computing and hosting resources are available in multiple locations in the world beginning from the USA in the west to Japan in the far east. AWS lets you choose your preferred location or even run instances in cloud servers located in multiple locations.

The only downside is that AWS is a bit hard to configure for non-technical and semi-technical merchants.

Are you not happy with the way your Magento store is hosted? Talk to our hosting experts who are ready to increase your online store’s performance and security.