Covid 19 Magento 2 Migration

Migrate to Magento 2 with our flexible six-month payment plan. Keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, Exinent is helping Magento store owners like you to be on the latest version of Magento while being easy on the budget by Covid 19 Magento 2 Migration Plan.


“We all are going through unprecedented situations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic especially hit Magento store owners and disrupted their Magento 2 migration plans. Exinent understood the situation and the tough times business owners going through right now and decided to offer help.”

Confusion Prevails

To migrate or not to migrate? A lot of Magento store owners around the world are in a dilemma concerning Magento 2 migration. Most of them are saving money to see through the pandemic. A huge upfront investment is the main reason why many e-commerce owners are putting the migration project on hold.

Magento 1 End of Life Is Here

Beginning from June 2020, Magento will no longer provide support to the 1.x version. Now that means website security will be at risk. As Magento and the M1.9 (M1.x) extension providers will not be releasing any security patches to the new vulnerabilities or hacks that have been discovered. You are on your own to fix those security breaches and protect your customer’s sensitive information from hackers.
We have started seeing the trend with increased hacks/spam accounts creation on older Magento websites (M1.9, M1.8, M1.7, M1.6…). Hackers are targeting unsupported e-commerce shopping carts and outdated extensions that are more vulnerable.


Yes. Exinent took the decision to continue support Magento 1.9 until December 2020 to give more time to the late adapters to move to Magento 2.0. All Exinent’s current maintenance customers will automatically be enrolled in this program.
In order to support your Magento 1.9 (M1.8, 1.7, 1.6…) sites beyond June 2020, you will need to be on our monthly maintenance contract. Please contact us for next steps and to get protected beyond June,2020 Magento deadline.
The monthly maintenance cost varies based on the complexity of the website and transaction volume as it dictates how vulnerable your website is. Our monthly maintenance program starts at $500/month and its 12month retainer.
The migration costs anywhere from $8000 to $50,000 or even above depending on the complexity and customizations needed.
– Your E-commerce site continues to functioning and your customers still able to place orders online.
– Magneto no longer provides support for the vulnerabilities/security issues in Magento 1.X.
– Lack of updates and security patches put the website at the risk of hacking
– Extension providers are no longer liable for providing security updates to their M1.X extensions.
– Agencies may soon start providing support to Magento 1 E-commerce

Based on the project cost, Exinent is offering a fixed monthly payment for the COVID 19 Magento 2 Migration plan.

Magento 2 Migration Is Critical for Growth

E-commerce is the future. COVID-19 has already been fueling e-commerce growth throughout the world. E-commerce owners are going to witness a huge growth when the pandemic begins to settle down.
But, is your website ready to handle the growth?
If you begin the migration project now, your store will be in the best shape and on the latest Magento version when things get better.

Let Exinent help you migrate with a fixed monthly payment plan by our Covid 19 Magento 2 Migration Plan.

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Exinent understands the situation and is offering help with a flexible payment plan by its  Covid 19 Magento 2 Migration Plan to such businesses who got hit by COVID 19

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