Creating Product Categories-Magento Website Development

In this article, we would look into creating product categories in your Magento website. Categories are basic navigation for your storefront products, and are essential building blocks of your Magento website. The navigation available through categories is called category navigation, and this is dynamically picked-up from your list of products.

Steps to create a new category from the Magento Dashboard

Go to Catalog-> Categories. You will see two columns with the left side view showing a list of categories, and the right side showing the settings for that category.

The following options would be available for creating a category.

  • Enable Category: This setting shows the visibility settings for a particular category. If this setting is turned on, you would see the category URL for the selected category, or it would appear grayed out if selected as “Off”.
  • Include in Navigation: If you want the category to be visible in the navigation, turn the setting on, or else off if you wish to hide the category page.
  • Category Name: Th Category Name e name of the particular category.
  • Category Image: The selected image for that particular category.
  • Description: The description for that particular category. You can also embed images and videos in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Add CMS block: You can use this option for choosing a static block that would show in the category head.

Display Settings: Underneath the display settings, you will see the below options for customizing the display of the category.

  • Mode: You can select from options to display a static block, or products, or both static blocks and products.
  • Anchor: This option helps you apply filters to the category block.
  • Availability products listing sort by: Magento gives an option for customers to choose the sorting option for products in the storefront. You can enable the option here, and can restrict the options available for choosing the products.
  • Default Product List sort by: This option helps choose the default product list sorting option when the customer first visits the category page.
  • Layered Navigation Price Step: Using this option, you can include the price filters in the sorting of products.

In the coming article, we would look into the design aspects of the category page, and ways to modify them.

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