Crimson Raises Brand Awareness

Magento SMS Extension

About Exinent Magento Development Services

Exinent is an RTP web development agency collaborating with e-commerce companies to make their online presence felt. The goal of this messaging module is to provide an interactive and direct communication channel to customers thereby bringing in more business.

The objective of Exinent Magento Development Services it to optimize the capability of companies by helping them dominate their niches through increased traffic, conversions and sales. Crimson Houndstooth is one of the most recent to reap the full benefits of Exinent’s prowess. Exinent used Magento SMS Extension, a third party extension, to help this brand boost its growth by enabling faster and bulk sending of SMS Service API to their clients in real time.

Quick Case Study: Crimson Houndstooth

Crimson Houndstooth is a company dealing in Alabama football merchandise. Prior to partnering with Exinent Magento Development Company in the provision of Magento solutions, Crimson was had an uphill task of popularizing its brand and increasing their market share.

The Need for Interactive Connection with the Customers

Crimson was in dire need of a communication channel that would help them grow their product offerings while at the same help them connect with the customers on a personal level. The customers were not receiving timely and personalized notification of the progress in their order simply because Crimson had no convenient method of sending out this communication. The business’ overreliance on sending emails was taking a toll since some emails could for days without being read. Email was not just giving Crimson the quick turnaround needed, it has very low read rate and some very important emails ended up in the SPAM box. Overtime, Crimson realized that its client base was declining and the level at which business was coming in was not impressive at all.

Enter Twilio SMS Notification Extension

The entry of Exinent Magento Development Services into their scene was the major turning point for Crimson. With the third party Twilio SMS Notification Extension, Crimson was able optimize their interaction with their customers through instant notification sent directly to their mobile phones. Twilio SMS Notification has a very high open rate and read rate. Crimson’s customers registered high satisfaction rates as they were constantly kept in the loop on the progress of their orders.

Consequently, Crimson’s customer retention rate received an immediate boost. Crimson was so impressed by this success such that they gave Exinent the responsibility of managing their website from hosting to internet marketing. The following are some of the main Twilio SMS Notification benefits that Crimson enjoys:

  • Optimized Configuration SMS notification
  • Fast, direct and reliable operation
  • Instant and instant customer notification on order activities
  • 1-Click Creating Blacklist
  • Unlimited SMS Customization
  • Ease to Collect customer mobile number
  • Powerful Test SMS functionality Support
  • Variant SMS Service API Integrated
  • SMS Notification quick view
  • Easily Export SMS to CSV
  • Ease to control SMS with SMS Debug
  • Multiple languages – RTL supports

How and where we started

Exinent Magento Development Services were born out of the passion for e-commerce and with a particular focus on Magento which is the most important online shopping cart. We help e-commerce businesses to improve their functionality and online presence. Provision of essential best-in-class service and round the clock support, online merchants have taken greater control of their online transactions and interactions. The facilities primarily include web development services that are in line with the needs of the online business community.

At Exinent Magento Development Company, we are firmly committed to helping our customers scale their businesses by overcoming any Magento issues that have crippled other companies. Through our tested-and-proved solutions, it is the goal of the agency to see online merchants take control of the online operations while harnessing the power and efficiency that comes with Magento usability.