Five Reasons Why You Should Outsource Magento Maintenance

Magento is undeniably one of the best e-commerce platforms available for online retailers. Even though the platform is excellent in terms of performance and scalability, many e-commerce business owners find it challenging to manage and maintain their Magento websites on their own. It is the reason why a lot of themhire Magento developers or rely on freelancers.

Here are the five reasons why you, as a Magento website owner, should outsource Magento maintenance.

Hiring a Magento Developer Can Be Expensive

There are not a lot of Magento developers out there. As everyone knows, Magento has long been a high demand skill for a long time. Hiring just one Magento developer doesn’t get your work done. In addition to a Magento developer, you also need to recruit professionals with skills such as Java, HTML, QA, and MySQL. Unless your online store drives hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue every month, employing a Magento developer could be a big mistake.

A Magento Agency Usually Employs High-Quality Developers

A Magento development agency like Exinent hires and nurtures tens of high-quality Magento developers and relevant technology specialists. The collective experience and knowledge of such teams can help solve your website’s problems quickly and improve its performance, thus increasing its revenue. Magento backend developers, UI/UX specialists, testers, database experts, and server specialists are some of the standard profiles you would often see working for a Magento development company.

Magento-Certified Developers

E-commerce developers who are certified by Magento understand the platform exceptionally well. A Magento-certified freelancer usually charges higher than an uncertified professional. When you outsource Magento maintenance, your online store will be maintained and taken care of round the clock by certified Magento developers.

Zero Downtime

As an online retailer, you already know how detrimental downtime can be. Downtime impacts revenue in a big way. It also affects the reputation of a website in a negative way. A Magento monthly maintenance plan ensures that your website is up and running round the clock. Even in case of an unfortunate incident such as a attack, the site needs no more than a few minutes to get back online.
Getting to the Next Level Will be Easy

Need an extension? Need a new feature to be added? A Magento agency can get those things done for you in a quick period. It will take a lot of time for an in-house development team to add new features and functionalities.

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