GDPR Compliance


Protect Your Online Business with GDPR Compliance

If your business has customers in EU and EEA (European Economic Area), it must ensure GDPR compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation law aims to protect the personal data and privacy of individuals living in the EU and EEA countries. Non-compliance results in fines as huge as 10,000 Euros or up to 5% of annual turnover, whichever is higher.

Custom GDPR Solution for E-commerce Businesses

Our team has a complete understanding of  General Data Protection Regulation law and how it applies to an e-commerce business, operating a Magento store. We make sure that your website is fully in compliant to ensure that you continue serving your customer base in EU and EEA without worrying about the privacy law violations.


How Do We Ensure Perfect GDPR Compliance?

Cookie Compliance

Our custom Magento  General Data Protection Regulation solution includes displaying cookie compliance banner that makes users consent to cookies. The setup is custom developed to make the banner blend in with the website’s color scheme and overall appearance.

Privacy Policy Consent

We make sure that your customers give clear consent to your privacy policy while registering an account, purchasing a product, contacting support, and signing up for a newsletter. We audit your website thoroughly to figure out all areas that need customer consent.

Right of Access

GDPR requires businesses to send the personal information of a customer stored on your server when the customer asks for it. The information you need to share them includes their address and purchase history. We help you automate this process.

Right to be Forgotten

The Right to be Forgotten is a clause that requires your business to delete a customer’s information from your server when requested. It requires complete deletion of a user’s account whether they are a regular user or guest user.

Three Reasons Why Our GDPR Solution Stands Out


Manual Inspection

Our team of experts manually reviews your website to find out all the areas that need an update related to compliance.


100% Compliance

The compliance is a lot complicated than what it appears for an average individual. We make sure your online store fully comply with the regulation.


Compliance Automation

We believe that compliance should be a one-time task and shouldn’t bother you now and then. To ensure this, we automate everything.


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