How To Use Social Media Effectively To Increase Sales Of Your E-Commerce Store

How do you market your e-Commerce store?

No matter whom you ask this question to the first response will be ‘social media’. When it comes to marketing, social media is not a formality; it’s the most powerful instrument. And that is why you should know how to take the best advantages of each social media platform.

Here are a few ways which will help you reap the best benefits of social media marketing of eCommerce.

#1 Don’t Restrict Yourself To Just One Platform

If you have personal accounts in various social media platforms, you will know that many a time, the crowd in each platform and their tone is different in each of them. For instance, Facebook is reserved for more personal and heartfelt ideas, Instagram hosts the creative queerness in each person, YouTube is more about entertainment and sharing skills, etc.

So, it is most important that you showcase your store in each of the platforms in the way your followers are expecting you to. Tweak your language, refine your style and use various forms of a post. Bring diversity in your news feed with videos, posts, images, infographs and many more. Last, but not the least (actually, this is pretty important), link these accounts to each other so that your followers can follow you in a social media platform that suits them the best.

#2 Post To Build Engagement

You know what is really boring? Scrolling through our news feed and seeing one store posting a new update for each one of their products in different colors and different sizes. Posting such monotonous posts will give the feeling that your account is operated by a spamming bot. And no one wants to read a bot-post, let alone buy from such a store.

So, what can you do? Well, it’s pretty simple. Communicate with your followers like you would communicate with a customer if he were to walk in your store. Along with updates of your stock, makes posts that engage your customers. You may organize contests (say, you sell kitchenwares. Organize a photo contest featuring a product that they bought from your store). You can also post links to website blogs to engage more and convert easy.

An account which only focuses on business, so not seem approachable. To make your store more warm and welcoming, feel free to express your opinions on current issues and trends. You can create polls to know the preferences of your customers. The data you collect this way may help you improve your stock & services.

#3 Write Copy That Converts

Your content, in any form, should not only be inspiring but also attractive. Until you put efforts in writing good copy, you will never believe how tremendously it boosts your sales. Invest in writing good copy and attractive designing.

A good post will get many clicks. And at this point, you need to make it easy for your customer to take the next step. In some platforms, you can use in-post purchase plugins. Alternatively, you must see to it that when your customer clicks on your post, it does not take him away from his current activity. Make sure that either opens within the platform in use or it opens in a new webpage/app instead of on redirecting in the same webpage.

#4 Give Them A Reason To Follow You

Why do you need subscribers? What is in it for you? Well, you can keep your target audience updated about your store – new products, expansion of business, clearance, change in policy, success stories, feedback of happy customers etc.

But why should anyone follow your account? What is in it for them? Unless they are unquestionably loyal to your store, there isn’t anything for them, is there? So, give them a reason to follow you. Offer them some discount for following you. Post to update them on any upcoming sales or discounts. With little perks and engaging posts, you can retain many happy and entertained subscribers.

#5 Respond To Your Customers

Oneness. Empathy. Fellowship. Nothing brings you closer to your customers than these. To build trust, to build loyalty, these qualities are just as important as delivering quality products on time.

To attain these, always encourage feedback. Address grievances as good as you can. Consider participating in their discussions. Always respond to them, especially if you are tagged. Many sellers now make themselves available for Live Chat to clear queries.

#6 Optimize Your Posts For SEO

Til now, we talked about how to manage your subscribers. Now, let’s see how you can attract new subscribers. For this, you need to increase your visibility. In simple words, use hashtags. But there are a few more things that may help you reach out to more people – optimize your posts for better SEO ranking.

#7 Integrate Your Social Media To Your Website

When you integrate your social media pages to your web pages, it becomes easier for your customers to follow you on social media and to share your content/store there. Connecting to social media also makes your store more ‘real’ and ‘tangible’.

#8 Tap The Activities In Your Social Media & Post Accordingly

Social media is not just for promoting your store. You can also use social media to understand the behavior of your target audience. You can follow relevant influencers and customers to update yourself with their current trends and likings.

You may also keep a track of what kind of content is engaging more and when is the engagement the highest. You can tweak and time your posts accordingly.

Social media is not only a good way to promote your store but also to build trust amongst your subscribers. Many sellers do not feel the need to invest time in social media promotion and instead, they spend some money to create spam-like posts. But the truth is if you put a little heart in social media posting, you can benefit hugely from such marketing.