How long does it take to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Are you here to learn more about Magento 2 migration timelines? We will help! One of the common questions that we hear from Magento store owners is how long does it take to migrate a Magento 1 website to Magento 2. The generic answer to this question can be ‘it depends on the size and complexity of the website.’ To be a little more specific about it, the migration can take anywhere between two to six months for small to medium Magento store. Bigger stores with a lot of traffic, extensions, and complex custom code need much more time for migration.

In the recent years, Magento 2 migration has become a bit of headache for Magento store owners. The reason for that is many of them don’t have a clear idea of migration, be it the procedure, costs involved, or the timelines. But one thing for sure is that this is the high time that Magento website owners start thinking about migrating to Magento 2 seriously, as Magento will sunset Magento 1 in June 2020.

As a Magento 2 migration specialists, we at Exinent wanted to give a clear answer to this question, thus helping e-commerce business owners a better idea about Magento 2 migration timelines. Read on to know what happens during the first week of migration, during the first month, and during the next couple of months.

The factors the impact the timelines of Magento 2 migration

  • The size of data (customers, inventory, orders, etc.)
  • Extensions
  • Custom code
  • Budget (Expression Magento 2 migration cost much more)
  • Agency that’s handling the migration

If you don’t have the basic knowledge of Magento architecture or lack a clear understanding of Magento 2 migration from a technical perspective, we recommend that you read Magento 2 migration steps first before reading the rest of this article.

The average Magento 2 migration timelines based on the store’s size/complexity

Small Magento store: 1 month

Medium-sized store: Up to 3 months

Large Magento store: 6 months or more

It can be difficult for some business owners to determine the size and the complexity of their stores themselves. If you are one of them planning to move to Magento 2, we recommend that you consult Exinent for a clear estimation of timelines.

Now, let’s discuss Magento 2 migration timelines a little more deeply.

The 1st Week

What happens during the first week of migration?

  1. Setting up a new Magento 2 installation (M2)
  2. Migrating the database
  3. Setting up the theme in the new Magento 2 installation

The 1st Month

By the end of the first month, custom extensions will be migrated to M2. Except for responsiveness, most of the design works will be completed. Developers will also start migrating custom code to M2.

The 2nd Month

The most part of the second month will be dedicated custom code migration. During this time, the design aspect of the migration will be completed.

The 3rd Month

During the third and final month, developers extensively test Magento 2 installation (M2) for functional and design accuracy. Performance and security tests are done to ensure consistency. When everything is great, finally, the migration process will be completed!

Do you want to know more about the timelines – or, the cost involved in Magento 2 migration? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can chat with one of our customer support representatives using the chat window on this page.