How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency For Your E-commerce Store

Digital marketing is all the buzz these days. Experts say that good digital marketing can change the look of your sales graph. And we agree to that.

Not to mean that traditional marketing is dead or you should not invest in traditional marketing as well, we, at Exinent LLC, are strong believers and practitioners of Digital Marketing.

But digital marketing is not a lay man’s job. Without training and proper experience, you will hardly be able to make any difference. Your best hope is to hire a digital marketing agency. But how do you hire experts when you are a novice yourself?

Well, before hiring a Digital Marketing agency, look at the following:

#1 Understands All E-Commerce Platforms
This goes without saying – if someone claims to be an expert at something, they must possess vast knowledge and expertise in the relevant area along with proper qualifications. When you hire a digital marketing agency, this applies to the members of the agency as well as their business.

Since digital marketing has become so crucial, many phony companies are reaching out with some black hat techniques which work for a day and then cause more harm than any good.

So, when you discuss business deals with a digital marketing agency, it is safe to fact-check their credentials and discuss a few specific details about your requirements as well; for example, if they have experience dealing in Magento (if you have a Magento store).

#2 Creative Team
A team that works only by the textbook will never get to learn new things. They will lag behind in the competition. Choose a digital marketing team who has creative contributors, who are not afraid to make calculated risks, who are open to trying new things that can uniquely benefit your business.

You may understand the team if you talk to the team yourself instead of talking only to the team lead. Usually, a team that comprises of experienced employees and new professionals who are informed of the latest techniques of the industry is a team that produces wonders.

#3 Experience & Reputation
Everyone can talk; anyone can guarantee anything through word of mouth. You can not fall for such false promises. A group of people calling themselves a digital marketing agency may not be able to give you any results at all.

Here, there are two important things that you may like to make a note of. One, how much experience they have; two, what their existing clients think about them – especially, how their long-term clients hold on to them, or why their short-lived customers had to let them go. You can also ask them to show you a record of some of their best performances. The more you know their history, the better it is.

#4 Open To Communication
An important feature of a dedicated business who is open to communication. When you find the right business, they will have just as many questions for you as you do for them. They will explain their way of working, their strategies, their plans by themselves even without having you ask for those.

You can rest assured that it’s a good digital marketing agency if they insist on frequent meetings and encourage more communication from your end. This means that they do not work on a routine – they like to personalize their plans according to how your customer base is responding to their strategies.

#5 Transparency In Agreement
This is a very basic but a crucial measure of the genuinity of any business. Whatever service they claim to provide you, must be quantified in black and white. This has to include roles, responsibilities, targets, reporting hierarchy, financial agreements, all of it! They may agree to their boundaries (of targets that they cannot achieve and hence, asking you to not expect such results from them) as well. One who has nothing to hide, will not object to the transparency of the highest degree.

Choosing the right digital marketing agency to handle your e-commerce store can be a challenging task. But if you do find the right company you can highly benefit from their long-term plans as well.