How To Choose Right Blog Posts For Your Online Store

Writing blog posts for your eCommerce store is important, right? It works well to rank you SEO-wise.

This is why many store owners feel the need to make at least one blog post daily. Well, while initially, that may help you get traffic, if you do not look into the kind of content you are posting, this trick may just work adversely!

In fact, if you put a little thought and some time in blogging, it can help you achieve much more than just SEO ranks and traffic. It can help you get loyal subscribers and increase sales.

So, what exactly will you need to post? What will help you reap the best benefits of blogging? How will you determine what to post and what not?

Let’s find out.

Share Knowledge

Share knowledge. Share your experience in your industry. You do not necessarily have to share something very profound. Share even some ‘simple’ things. For example, say, you own a shop for electronic spare parts. For you, setting an electric bulb can be simple but for a beginner, it can be a puzzle like a Rubik’s cube; even, changing a light bulb can be a nightmare without proper guidance initially. Tutorials are a great way to increase engagement.

You may also like to share blogs on maintenance and value addition. When you spend a great lot of time in a particular industry, you are bound to understand its aspects a lot better than what your subscribers can learn from a book. You will understand their trouble better and you will know how to help them better.

Some posts may include reviews and feedbacks from your customers. Such posts will help you gain the trust of your readers and will give you more subscribers.

Share Tips & Quick Fixes

Nothing catches attention better than ‘quick fixes’ and effective tips. No matter what industry you are dealing with here, every person loves a shortcut. And if you can provide those, your readers will not only engage in your site but they will also share your content among their friends and peer groups.

The wise way to make these posts is with graphics. Design helpful infographic posters in such a way that they deliver the message fast and create a long-lasting effect. Also make sure that they are easy to share and readable in all devices.

Clear Doubts

Now, when you are sharing so much knowledge, undoubtedly, your subscribers will have follow up questions. They may share their questions in comment sections or in your query box (if you have any). While you must respond to all queries as much as possible, you must also see, any particular query is popular and has a scope of elaboration. Find those queries and make detailed posts on those. This way, your subscribers will know that you are listening to their troubles and you are working towards making it easier for them.

This is a good way to connect with your readers on a personal level. You may also choose to credit the reader who has given you the inspiration on developing a particular post.

Update Them On Industry News

Fandom is real. You can see the craziness. Likewise, when someone is inclined towards a particular industry, they may behave just like a star-struck fan. They want to know every new thing that comes in that domain. So, you better keep them updated on anything new that comes up. If they find current news elsewhere, they may flock in that direction.

While you blog on updates, you may include a section where you share your own opinion on that event. This personal touch makes your blog different from a news portal; it also encourages conversation. For added influence, you may respond to their comments and be a part of their conversation.

Notify Them About Updates In Your Store

Once in a while, it is good to make a post on the changes in your eCommerce store. These blogs are especially beneficial to those readers who are reluctant to follow you in social media.

This type of blogging is directly aimed at sales. But that is okay. Your readers are not just here to read. They will also be interested to buy your products. So, if there are new products in your store or if you have restocked your store or if there is a sale or if there is any change in policy, you may let them know through blogging.

All the while, make sure that you optimize your blog content for SEO so that your blogs get a fair chance in reaching to a larger audience. Blogging the right way will make your eCommerce store stand out high above your competitors.