How to choose the right Magento hosting provider?

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, and hundreds and thousands of online merchants have been using it. Even though Magento is feature-rich, much of its capabilities can be taken advantage of only when it is hosted on the right server. 

Finding the right Magento hosting provider can be a challenging task, given the wide range of technical choices and an ocean hosting companies around the world. 

Choosing a Magento hosting service is a lot more difficult than you may think as hosting impacts your online store in a big way from its brand reputation to conversion rates. 

If you are unsure about choosing a good hosting company for your Magento store, this article can help you make a better choice. Here on this page, we listed down important factors to consider while selecting a hosting provider for your Magento store.

The best way to choose the right hosting is knowing what’s your preferences are. Does speed is what all that matters to you? Do you have budget constraints? How big your online store is? How many visitors does your website receive in a month? You need to ask questions like these and make a note of them along with the answers.

And now it’s time to understand different types of hosting services available on the market. 

Types of hosting 

Performance of your website depends upon the nature of the server you choose and the hardware resources available for the site. Right here, you can see several popular types of hosting solutions available out here:

# Shared hosting

In shared hosting, several websites are share system resources of a single server simultaneously. Shared hosting is extremely cheap – so cheap that you can get it for less than a dollar per month. Shared hosting is ideal for new websites that are in development mode or early growth phase when there wouldn’t be a lot of traffic. 


  • It is cost-effective, and the right choice for the Magento beginners.
  • Easy to manage as most shared hosting services come with control panels such as cPanel that are easy to use 
  • Easy to sign-up and get server provisioned in minutes


  • Low performance in most cases
  • Security vulnerabilities due to the same server being shared by different websites
  • No dedicated IP address in most instances
  • Bandwidth and storage limitations 

Virtual private server

It is somewhat similar to shared hosting but with a little difference. When it comes to VPS, even though your website resources like RAM and CPU with other websites hosted on the same server, it gets a dedicated quota. A VPS hosting company allots you fixed hosting resources like RAM (2 GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8 GB, etc.) and CPU instance. If your Magento store is not huge and gets considerably lesser concurrent visitors, then choosing VPS will be the right choice.


  • Dedicated system resources
  • Better performance compared to shared cost
  • Doesn’t cost a lot like dedicated services
  • Easy to scale up and down
  • Better tech support
  • A website admin usually have complete root access to the server


  • Not so great when it comes to performance 
  • Websites can still be at a higher risk of security threats like DDOS attacks
  • Some VPN services charge users as high as dedicated servers
  • Most VPN services don’t come hosting management software like cPanel or Plesk

Dedicated server

Dedicated hosting server offers all the features that your website needs to make it perform at blazing fast speeds. In a dedicated server environment, all the system resources are being used by only one website or multiple websites hosted by you. It can be customized or tweaked for better performance. Install your preferred OS, update the programs and software as when you need, and have complete control of your hosting environment! 


  • Better performance (depends on the penny you are willing to spend)
  • Provides high security (If you know plug-in properly)
  • Low latency and faster page loading speeds


  • Can be expensive when compared to shared and VPS hosting
  • Requires a service professional to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot
  • Scaling resources up and down isn’t straight forward 
  • Can pose a serious security threat when handled by a non-technical person

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the popular forms of hosting and it has gained a lot of popularity these days. The biggest advantage of cloud hosting is that you can scale it up or down easily based on your hosting needs. Since cloud hosting comes pre-optimized for performance by hosting providers, as a website owner, you don’t need to spend a lot of financial or technical resources that you would usually spend on a dedicated server. Cloud hosting is fast, reliable, and best of all – it can be managed very easily. 


  • Better performance
  • Pay only for the resource you use
  • Better security
  • Better support
  • Elastic and highly scalable


  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to predict costs 
  • Root access is not available.

 Hosting security

Hosting companies highly care about the privacy and security of their data that store on their servers.  All the stored information needs to be tightly secured. Security must be the highest priority of any hosting company, and everything other than security such as performance comes second. 

Before you pick a hosting service, you should thoroughly check the security features and capabilities of the hosting provider. Never hesitate to request white papers about their security or ask the hosting company’s support team to explain their security standards in simple words. 

 What do you expect from the Best Hosting Providers?

Choosing the right hosting provider for a website is critical and that requires a lot of time and research. Your new web host for Magento store should: 

  • Provide 24/7*365 customer services 
  • Offer excellent backup and security features
  • Help you migrate your website to their server at free of cost
  •  Provides frequent performance and security updates and patches

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