How To Optimise Your Mobile Site With A One-Step Checkout

There’s been a lot of study on how a lengthier checkout process is costing you your conversion rate. When you look at the same data while considering mobile users only, it’s astonishing. More than 80% abandon buying a product if the checkout process has even one step more.

Magento has observed this behavior and has come up with a simple solution – one-step checkout for mobile users. If you are an e-commerce store owner who has not yet optimized your Magento store for mobile users, it’s high time that you change your approach.

This blog will help you make that decision – why should you introduce one-step checkout for mobile users.

Limit Their Distractions
When your visitor is surfing your site, he is not just invested in your site alone – he is also texting and is getting a million other notifications. The more time he spends in completing the transaction, the more notifications he receives during this time. The probability of getting distracted by something else is higher. And after a moment of being distracted, the chances of conversion drops exponentially – either they lose interest in your product or they find an alternative. When you introduce a one-step checkout, you don’t give the chance to your visitor to engage in any irrelevant distractions.

Avoid 3rd Party Coupons
Coupons are a great way to attract customers. But you cannot send them on a coupon hunt that redirects them out of your site. To simplify this condition, you can either offer in-site coupons and discounts, added discounts for mobile/app users, etc. Even then, the best way to approach this is to auto-apply any coupon that might be applicable on the cart or the payment method.

Keep The Checkout Option Available
What we commonly see in e-commerce desktop sites is that the added items get stored in the cart and after listing everything in the cart, the user goes to the checkout page through the cart. That is a lengthy process when it comes to mobile users. Again, it takes more time, giving more scope of distraction. This feature can be minimized by keeping the checkout option as a floater.

Guest Checkout
A guest checkout option is becoming more and more popular and is proved to be more valuable to the conversion rate. This makes a lot of sense if you think from the user’s point of view. A new user who has not trusted your site yet, may not want to give you his contact details or may not want to get subscribed to content that he does not desire to receive. So, waving off the registration or login phase from your checkout process, you reduce, at least, one step and sometimes even lengthy forums.

Keep The Forms Simple
What do you need to know to complete the sale? The address (sometimes, the identity). GPS can help you a long way further in that. When you have a mobile user, do not ask them anything extra – even if, especially if, they are guest users. Do not worry about expanding your visitor/subscriber list now. You can ask them to subscribe (for added incentives like discounts) at the end of the transaction. Your aim here is just to ensure that your customer can easily get the product that they desire.

Do Not Provide Suggestions On The Checkout Page
The checkout page itself should be simple and easy to navigate. Reduce unnecessary icons and complex headers. The design should be such that it guides the user smoothly to reach the end of the checking process. Many make the mistake of including relevant suggestions in the same page hoping that it may lead to an increased sale. In reality, it works just the opposite. It is nothing but a distraction that takes the user away from going to the end of the sale funnel.

The importance of optimizing one-step checkout for mobile users is not a theory. Since 2018, researchers have seen that merchants are benefitting an RPV (revenue per visitor) of 8.6% just by implementing this simplified checkout process.

If you are considering to implement this feature for your mobile users (which, frankly, we recommend highly), you can consult our Magento developers at Exinent LLC to guide you through the entire process.