How to speed up Magento 2 website?

Website speed plays a crucial role in your SEO and improves your search rankings. If your website loads fast, then the ranking of your search engine will be higher and you won’t even lose your customers or followers and earn a lot of revenue.

If you are the owner of the e-commerce store, then you need to check the speed of the store. In today’s world, most people are impatient and they consider a slow-loading page as a waste of their time. If your page loads slowly, your customers will not be interested to purchase from your eCommerce store. This way, you will lose a lot of business with a slow site.

Fast performance optimization can have a positive influence on your search rankings too. Fast loading websites can convert more visitors into customers and boost your search engine rankings.

Magento is a next-generation e-commerce platform which is used by many web owners to create user-friendly websites. To see more success, website owners should optimize Magento 2 stores.

However, if you are running a website on Magento 2 and face an issue of slow loading pages you must consider optimizing your site well by your Magento development agency.

In this article, our team Exinent LCC explains how you can speed up Magento 2 website.

Why is your Magento 2 site slow?

Most people experienced slow Magento interface. This happens because of some bad practices and lack of knowledge about how to optimize their site. Many a time, this is because you fail to use the right extensions and do not install the right plug-in. It can also be slow if you do not check for the right settings properly which can be helpful in speeding up the loading process.

How to make Magento 2 load faster?

Here are some of the proven tips to accelerate your Magento 2 site.

Select the fastest hosting server

If you are selecting a hosting plan for your Magento 2 webshop plays a vital role in the complete performance of your website. So you need to choose the best hosting for your site and plan according to your budget. However, make sure that your hosting server meets all the requirements for Magento 2 store. An excellent hosting supplies fastest connection time and it reply on each server requests. Your hosting should direct on time to have the first byte (TTFB) time to first byte. TTFB gives information about how fast it responds from the server and delivers as per a browser request and explains how server executes a PHP code. Ideally, TTFB should be below 1s.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

These day mobile is everything. The latest study by Smart Insights shows that 33% of all the e-commerce sales are generated from a mobile phone.  Accelerated Mobile Pages helps to optimize the speed of website content which loads faster on all mobiles and tablet devices. Magento AMP plug-in improves your engine visibility and increases your store ranking in mobile. AMP site works to boost your site speed on mobile gadgets and executes by special HTML markup. You can add Google favors AMP content which will offer a higher search position. There are some Accelerated Mobile pages modules for Magento 2 store.

Enable flat products and categories

Magento maintains data in its Entity attribute value structure. Tables are used to load the information, or it may even use a flat table and gather all the related information in it. Some extensions may create trouble if you use flat tables; so make sure to test them on your development server.

Use Magento 2 latest version

Magento community is essential to protect your site from bugs. Many security patches with specific features are covered in the latest version of Magento 2. It is suggested to switch to the latest version of Magento 2 that helps to protect your site from security threats.

HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine)

HHVM stands for HipHop Virtual Machine. It is designed to decrease the server resources, and it regulates to deliver a faster web experience for all Facebook users.  It can replace php-fpm and work with Nginx or Apache.

As a store owner, it’s wise to make use of many brands like Facebook which additionally uses HHVM to do better and load fast.

Magento 2 comes prepared along with various performance optimization features. Now it’s your turn to configure them properly to improve the performance of your Magento 2 site. Otherwise, you may like to hire a development agency like Exinent LLC to do the same only faster and smarter.