How to Write Killer Monthly Newsletters That Engage Your Online Store’s Audience

What is the purpose of a newsletter?

To engage. To update. But also, to impart the sense of belonging – to be a part of a community – to make an identity of shared belief.

But many a time, the way owners of eCommerce businesses issue their newsletter, may come across as ‘commercial’ or ‘spammy’. Naturally, the subscribers either ignore & trash the email or worse, they unsubscribe.

But this can be prevented. You too can write attractive newsletters that actually benefit and engage your subscribers.

Here’s how:

1. Keep It Short.

Newsletters aren’t novels. Newsletters aren’t your blogging platform. Newsletters are a quick-read that keep you relevant, that prevents your subscribers from slipping away to another platform. Make sure that the newsletter you are developing serves that exact purpose – adds value, engages better and does not compromise on attractiveness.

You may add a dominant theme to each of your publications or allot specific sections within each publication to guide your readers on what to expect from one particular issue. This way, you can also prevent yourself from getting diverted.

2. Let Graphics Dominate

A picture is worth a thousand words, and perhaps more. With graphic presentation, in less space, you deliver more message that creates a long-lasting impression without demanding too much effort from the reader’s end. Colors, designs, patterns, graphs speak more than just words – they do not just give information, they create emotions.

In fact, for a generation where social media is a dominant factor in every person’s life, people are more accustomed to seeing and even reading graphic content, as compared to plain text (even if they both contain the equal number of words). To be honest, a piece of graphics does not even have to specifically say anything; it can be used to ‘set the mood’ as well.

3. Include Industry Updates

Why do your subscribers subscribe to your newsletter? Because they expect some news. Hence, you are in charge of keeping them updated on anything new that hits the market of the relevant industry.

Say, you have a store that sells furniture. Is there a new space-saving design available in the market? When will you be able to offer them this design? Is there any new government policy regarding investing in furniture? Your customers may like to know these things.

You can even use this opportunity to share some of the positive feedback from your happy customers or showcase if any local celebrity is using your products.

4. Tip Them On Tricks

Information, relatable information, information that would add value to their lifestyle is always appreciated. And as a professional, you will be better informed about the difficulties your customers face in your industry. So, if you can include some easy, quick tips (and if you can make it graphic), your subscribers are more likely to read the content and even share them among their peers.

5. Limit Promotion

Don’t fill the entire newsletter with your products. Don’t see the newsletter as a platform to sell. Instead, see it as a platform to engage your audience. Too much of promotional content may be repulsive to the reader. You may come across as ‘too commercial’. You do not want to paint that picture. Instead, you need to convey to them that you are just like one of them, only with a bit of more experience in the field who cares about their wellbeing more than making a profit through the business.

6. Notify Them About Store Updates

You can’t be ‘commercial’ in your newsletter. But does that mean that you absolutely cannot talk about your store? After all, you are into a business. Well, yes, you can. But you have to be wise & subtle about it. You do need to include your store updates in the newsletter. But you can do so while offering them a small incentive. The incentive may simply be a coupon for the subscribers. But if you want to spice things up, you may hide a coupon inside tiny games (related to store products) like a crossword puzzle etc.

7. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Make your newsletter content mobile-friendly. Nowadays, most of your readers will reach you through the phone. It will be really inconvenient if they have to scroll in all directions, zoom in & out to read the newsletter content. Hence, it is essential that you optimize your content for reading in different models of phone.

But does that mean that you do away with desktop readability? Absolutely not! Especially if your customer is another business, there are still high chances that many of your readers will access your newsletter through a desktop. So, gear up and prepare your content for all systems with all screen sizes.

8. Post By The Clock

Choose the right day and time. If you run a fashion store, schedule your newsletter on a weekend. If you are into B2B, pick workdays and work times (E.g. Monday 11 AM or Wednesday 2 PM). Don’t take my word for it. You need to keep a track of when you get most of your traffic. Through your analyzer, you will be able to track the behavior of your visitors. Use that window of time to post to reap the best benefits from your monthly newsletter.

Newsletters are best posted monthly. More than that can become a little bit too much to capture the interest of your readers. Plus, you must give yourself some time to create quality content and not spam your subscribers. Newsletters can be a very effective way to keep the communication alive between your business and its customers even when there is no active transaction going on.