Introducing Wholesale Extension For Magento

At Exinent, we are in the business of creating top performing Magento sites, and when a customer is in need of functionality that isn’t provided by core Magento, our development team steps in to create an extension to provide the necessary functionality.

For a long time, these extensions have only been created on-demand for clients. But recently, we decided to offer some of our most popular extensions via Magento Connect. These are solutions to some of the most common Magento challenges, and our goal is to solve them in elegant and result-oriented ways. In each episode of this series, I’ll focus on one of Exinent’s Magento Extensions.

This week’s discussion is on our very popular Wholesale/Retail Extension.

The Challenge:

All of your customers are not the same. There are regular customers of course, who can simply sign into your site, add a product to the cart and checkout. But many stores also cater specifically to wholesale customers as well, offering special incentivespricing and policies that apply only to them. Therefore a distinction between regular and wholesale customers has to be made.

What can a store owner do to make their site wholesale-friendly? Well, they can go to Magento Connect and download our Wholesale/Retail Extension.

“With the Wholesale/Retail Extension enabled, customers will have an additional wholesale registration option when signing in.”

Wholesale Registration

“When a customer selects the “Wholesale Registration” option, they are sent to a screen like the one above to apply for wholesale status.”


The Solution:

Exinent’s Wholesale/Retail Extension provides a robust solution that allows store owners to approve a customer’s wholesale status, and then provide special discounts and additional features that apply only to this unique category of customer. It’s a one-stop wholesale solution for Magento Users.

By default in Magento, all customers who visit your site can log in and make a purchase immediately after creating an account. The Wholesale/Retail Extension, however, adds an additional registration option designed specifically for wholesalers. After registering, wholesale customers will be granted pending status until confirmed by the store owner in the admin panel.
Once a wholesale customer is approved, the store owner can then define a variety of unique parameters that apply only to wholesale customers.

Wholesale features can be turned on-and-off, and they include:

  • Discounted pricing structure based on volume
  • The ability to extend payment terms (Net 15 / Net 30, etc.)
  • The option to create and enable a one page, catalog-style order form
  • The ability to assign sales reps to a wholesale account and track their progress. 

“Once a customer has been approved as a wholesaler, the merchant can then apply a variety of payment and shipping options specific to that customer.”

customer_page_1_1 (1)

“The customer activation screen is designed to be user-friendly, while offering maximum flexibility.”



Download and Get Started

The Wholesale/Retail Module offers a variety of useful features, and it is currently available for download via Magento Connect. There, you will also find a variety of useful information and training videos to make installation and use of the extension very user-friendly.

But if you’d like Exinent’s help installing or customizing the extension according to your specific needs, please click to Contact Us and we’ll get you up and running in no time.