Is Google going to label your site “Not-Secure” in 2017?

Feeling good about the current state of your website? If you’ve already made your Magento online store full site secure consider us impressed. And if you haven’t, here’s why you should.

Chrome isn’t currently highlighting HTTP connections as “not-secure”, but as of January 2017, this will no longer be the case. With the release of Chrome 56 (Google’s most recent Chrome browser) the intended goal is to help online consumers avoid treacherous waters (read: hackers) — and is doing this with the help of a handy new icon that reveals when a website is“not-secure”.

This is how your homepage URL will appear today if your Magento site is“not-secure”:


If you go to your homepage and see this icon then consider this your warning, as Chrome’s newcriteria for what qualifies as unsafe is rather rigid. Just ask your development team, and if you don’t have one, take our word for it.

So, what does this mean for you and your Magento website?

It means that online consumers can shop online without worry, knowing clearlywhether your site is secure or “not-secure” before giving you their credit card information. They’ll stay away if your site is “not-secure”, which could spell disaster for your online business.

This is what online consumers with Chrome 56 will see when they visit your Magento site starting in January 2017 if it’s “not-secure”:

image 1


Our advice is to pay attention to said icons, upgrade the security of your Magento e-commerce website to full site HTTPS, and if you haven’t made changes to your Chrome browser since before January 2017, do so now.