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Get to Know the Threats by  Magento Audits

Our comprehensive website security Magento audit includes code review by certified developers to find possible security risks. Besides, we also check for the database integrity, do third-party extension analysis, figure out UI and UX issues, and analyze website speed.

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Know What’s Stopping Your Website from Generating Sales

Is your website’s traffic too low? If so, we will figure out what could be done to increase the relevant traffic. Similarly, we focus on the bottlenecks like poor UI and UX and complex checkout practices that are resulting in poor conversions.


Our Manual Magento Audit Process

Technical Audit

Our certified developers take a closer look at your Magento website’s code to analyze the quality of code and find out possible threats. They also examine the integrity of the database. The audit covers various other technical aspects like integrations, third-party extensions, and custom features.

Best Practices Analysis

At Exinent, we strictly adhere to using Magento best practices. Sans best practices, your Magento store would be at a greater risk of hacking. The performance would usually be slow. A poorly written code or misconfigured extension makes your store unsuitable for future platform upgrades.

Conversion Optimization

We have a checklist of features that a Magento website must have in order to have an increased conversion rate. Some of the items in our checklist include intuitive user experience, page speed, simple checkout process, and better homepage/category page/product page layouts.

SEO Audit

Our in-house SEO professionals review your website’s current performance in search engines and come up with strategies that help its traffic grow exponentially. Our SEO audit comprises in-depth keyword analysis, on-page best practices, competitor analyses, and domain/page authority analysis.

Three Reasons to Try Our Magento Audit Service


It’s Comprehensive

As a business owner, you need to know how your Magento website is working. The audit is comprehensive with all checkpoints included.


No Robotic Results

Our developers, UI/UX professionals, and online marketing experts spend a decent amount of time on your website.


We Talk About Solutions

Unlike some agencies that just point out only flaws, we at Exinent also propose solutions for those problems.


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