Boost your online store’s performance and functionality

We use creative extension development to optimize your site’s functionality for maximum performance. At Exinent,  our own unique custom Magento extension development helps our customers solve problems and create functionality that just isn’t available with an out of the box Magento installation.

Our Custom Magento Extension Development takes your Online Store a New Level

A Magento extension is a purpose-built add-on for the default Magento 2.0 platform. Extensions give users the ability to incorporate desired features which are not available from the native Magento platform. There are multiple free and paid extensions available from various developers that can be used to customize a Magento store. But if your unique needs aren’t met by an existing extension, a Magento extension development expert can custom develops an extension based on your requirements.

Magento Extension Development

Whether you use Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x our team will develop extensions expertly tailored to your needs.

Rich and Robust Extensions

By trusting us to provide extensions, you can be sure that you are receiving the most sophisticated solutions for our ecommerce website.

Extensions Installation

We will identify the perfect Magneto extension and install it to boost your store’s success.

Magento Extension Development

Did you know that there are Magento extensions that can boost your site’s manageability? We use creative extension development to optimize your site’s functionality for maximum performance.

What extensions can do to your online store?

Magento extensions can improve site’s manageability and boost functionality and performance.

Drive traffic

Drive relevant traffic with to your website with SEO extensions.

Custom search

Since product search is an important feature, tweak it with a custom solution for better results.

Social sharing

Boost your website’s traffic and sales by adding social media sharing buttons.

Checkout extensions

Don’t risk losing customers before they complete their check out.

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