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Is your Magento website performing optimally? If it isn’t, you might be losing traffic and missing out on conversions. Exinent’s Magento site audit includes a full code review, database integrity check and third-party extension analysis. We’ll reveal potential security risks, uncover UI or UX issues and determine ways to make your website faster.

Why Choose an Exinent Magento Audit?

Comprehensive: Our audit is a fully comprehensive process, and we use way markers to ensure we don’t miss anything. When we’re done, you’ll receive an in-depth report about site performance.

Human-Led: We don’t use automation to draw conclusions. Instead, members of our team — including UX developers, UI developers and online marketing experts — scrutinize every part of your site.

Results- Focused: Whenever we find issues, we suggest solutions — and we’ll work with you to ensure they improve site performance and security. We’re only successful when you are.


Magento Audits

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Magento Audit Services

Step 1: Technical Audit

We begin with a Magento code audit and a thorough analysis of your site structure. Then, we move on to a Magento security audit. Our developers assess your site’s code quality, test its stability and look for security vulnerabilities. They also look at database integrity, integrations, third-party extensions, custom features and other technical aspects of your online presence.

Step 2: Best Practices Analysis

At Exinent, we follow programming best practices at all times. When those guidelines aren’t followed, Magento sites are slow — and they’re more vulnerable to hacking. Poorly written code and misconfigured extensions can spoil your UX and make it harder to install platform upgrades in the future.

Step 3: Conversion Optimization

High-converting Magento sites have a specific list of features in common. We compare items from that list against your site’s characteristics to determine opportunities for improvement. Successful e-commerce sites load quickly, have intuitive interfaces, use simple navigation menus, optimize product descriptions and make it easy to check out.

Step 4: SEO Audit

Our onboard SEO experts review your site’s current search engine performance, and then they come up with strategies to help boost traffic. Exinent’s SEO Magento 2 audit consists of an in-depth keyword analysis, an on-page best practices review, a competitive analysis and a domain and page authority analysis.

Exinent Magento Performance Check

If you’re struggling with a slow site or a traffic decline — or if you’re frustrated with a low conversion rate — find answers and solutions with a Magento audit.

To find out more about Exinent’s auditing services, or to see a free Magento site audit demonstration, get in touch with us today at 919-425-5959.

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  • Why is my Magento site slow?
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