Magento Maintenance Services

Specialized in Magento Maintenance services and support, we handle all major
factors of Magento including 24/7 site monitoring, regular version
upgrades, security patches update, frequent testing , bug fixing, speed optimization,
code optimization, theme modification, hosting and many more.


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Magento Technical Support

Specialized in Magento support and Maintenance, we handle all major factors of Magento including 24/7 site monitoring, regular version upgrades, security paches update, frequent testing , bug fixing, speed optimization, code optimization, theme modification, and hosting.


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Site Support and Magento Maintenance Services

Let your business grow, keep your store running at optimal efficiency
While Magento provides improved performance, scalability, and other benefits, regular maintenance is needed to ensure that all moving parts continue to work as designed. So, what’s the best way to keep your website continue to be a high-performing eCommerce asset?
The key to keeping an eCommerce site safe and secure is to stay up-to-date with all Magento code updates, security patches, bug fixes and malicious threats. Having a fully-equipped team on your side as your magento technical support team can make all the difference. We’ll be making sure the magento maintenance services your site needs are expertly handled, keeping your website up and running for the long haul.

Exinent’s development experts track all Magento-related critical and recommended updates, including those throughout the official Magento store and on all relevant 3rd-party software and extensions. When an update is released, or a new threat occurs, Exinent is alerted immediately, and will take the necessary steps to make sure these updates and security patches are updated quickly and safely.

Magento Maintenance

Your Dedicated Magento Support Services

When a Magento store requires an update, Exinent is available 24/7 to take the necessary actions. First, Exinent will test the updates or patches on a development or test site to assure safe integration. Then, we’ll run extensive tests with your website in a safe environment and migrate the new patch from the test site to the live site. We’re continually checking for errors to make sure the whole process happens smoothly and without a hitch.

Magento Support Packages Available:

Our Magento Maintenance Services and support Packages are customizable depending on your business’s needs:

  • Magento Installation
  • Magento Configuration
  • Magento Updates
  • Magento PHP Support
  • Magento Emergency Support
  • Dedicated Helpdesk
  • Staff available 24/7 for emergency support

Our Monthly Magento Maintenance Packages

Magento Support Packages Starter Standard Advanced
Packages Contact Us for a Quote

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Contact Us for a Quote

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Helpdesk support
General/Technical consultation
Product updates
Graphics updates – Banners/product images
Magento extension installation/upgrade
Bug fixes
Configuration Management
Security Patches
New Feature Development
Critical Support
Magento Customizations
Phone support
Integrations with 3rd party systems and services
Named Account & Project Manager
Magento version upgrades
Development of additional features
Monthly google analytics recommendations implementation
Google sitemap submission

Exinent’s ongoing eCommerce store and Magento site routine maintenance packages help keep online businesses running smoothly, efficiently and without downtime. Exinent, and Exinent team of expert and certified Magento web developers, are available 24/7 to resolve technical issues, address security threats, upgrade digital assets and answer any questions you may have about your Magento business site.

When you choose a Magento support service package from Exinent, your online business will continue to work for you (not the other way around), generate sales and always be accessible by your customers, no matter the problem. Choosing a Magento maintenance package and managed service from Exinent provides your eCommerce business with the guarantee that your Magento site will

  • Be updated regularly
  • Receive all necessary upgrades.
  • Have new features added.
  • Always be safe and secure.
  • Get new extensions installed.
  • Be optimized for optimal performance.

Exinent can assist with the day-to-day maintenance of your Magento site, including all the tasks associated with eCommerce store management and administration. While Exinent can manage an entire online store, and take on all administrator responsibilities, Exinent can also provide technical training to business partners, and promote the seamless transition of maintenance tasks to your in-house support staff. Regardless of your team’s technical ability, Exinent team of expert Magento developers will provide detailed training in an easy-to-learn and supportive, educational environment.

Through Exinent’s Magento training, your business members will learn all the key responsibilities of an effective Magento site administrator, including:

  • Updating the home page sliders, banners and promotional graphics.
  • Managing sales, products, inventories and databases.
  • Designing and publishing promotions, images and marketing graphics.
  • Optimizing and updating features, extensions and assets.
  • Promoting featured and best-selling products effectively to increase sales.
  • Adding new products, features, promotions and incentives.
  • Processing orders quickly, easily and seamlessly.

Keeping the Magento version running your eCommerce store up-to-date is a key component to maintaining a safe, secure and efficient site. Exinent Magento support and maintenance includes upgrading a store’s Magento version, and all technical components.

To determine the optimal Magento version upgrade, some important factors must first be recorded:

  • Have there been any Magento core file changes?
  • Are all the installed extensions compatible with the latest Magento version?
  • Which integrations have been installed, and will they be compatible with the new version of Magento?

Prior to upgrading to the latest version of a Magento site, a complete system and file backup will be performed, to ensure no integrations, extensions or features are lost. Exinent will use the development /test site to evaluate the factors mentioned above, and test the code modifications that may occur during the upgrade. Upon the completion of testing, Exinent will confirm compliance and move the changes, from the development site, onto the live site, and once again confirm no conflicts or problems arise as a result.

The wide-range of extensions available for Magento stores is one of the elements making Magento the best platform for eCommerce sites. It’s important to make sure all extensions are upgraded to the latest versions and none are causing internal conflicts.

Part of Exinent’s Magento support and maintenance service includes upgrading existing extensions to the most recent version. This allows eCommerce stores to take full advantage of all the latest features, without the risks associated with utilizing outdated extensions.

When necessary, Exinent will also provide custom extension code changes, or code modifications, to make sure conflicts don’t occur between existing extensions. With ongoing support services from Exinent, your Magento store’s extensions will always be up-to-date, optimized and running effectively.

When new theme versions are released, Exinent is alerted immediately and will work promptly to ensure your Magento site receives the necessary upgrades. Opting for the Magento support and maintenance service from Exinent ensures your eCommerce store and business will always receive the latest theme versions.

Theme updates and version upgrades will be installed by the Exinent team of web developers as soon as each are tested for compatibility and safety. If changes or code modifications are necessary to guarantee no performance or branding problems occur, the front-end developers at Exinent will work to make sure the issues are resolved in a manner that is consistent with your business goals

The Exinent team is also able to provide custom solutions to your eCommerce needs, which includes the design of graphics and converting PSD files into responsive themes. In addition, if there are any specific requests, needs, desires or wishes, Exinent can custom develop solutions that provide you with a Magento site that matches your exact demands.

The Magento support and maintenance service package offered by Exinent includes the routine fix of bugs, errors, conflicts and other technical glitches. Regardless of when they began, or how these bugs and errors occurred, the expert development teams at Exinent are masters when it comes to eliminating bugs and errors. The team will evaluate your Magento site’s entire set of code and find the lines and areas leading to problems.

To resolve errors and fix bug issues, Exinent will analyze every single line of code and find the segment causing problems. Most issues can be resolved within 1-2 hours, and all problems have our guarantee of a quick turnaround time for resolution.

Security threats are becoming commonplace and every site is at risk of being attacked, hacked, or worse. The Exinent teams of developers are experts at analyzing Magento code and locating holes in security, and developing custom patches to make sure no malicious activity occurs.

Nowadays it is quite common to see hacks, malicious attacks and URL injections on Magento sites. Exinent is on-top of all the latest security threats associated with eCommerce businesses and Magento stores, and will act quickly to address any potential threats that may affect your online store. The Exinent team will promptly locate security threats and eliminate them before additional damage occurs.

When new security patches are released, Exinent will work quickly to install and implement them onto your Magento store. With the Magento support and maintenance services package from Exinent, you can rest-assure knowing your eCommerce site, your customer’s valuable information, and all your store’s important data will stay safe, secure and unaffected by malicious attacks.

Choosing the Magento support and maintenance package from Exinent gives your business the peace-of-mind to know all problems will be addressed quickly, efficiently and in a manner that limits downtime. Exinent offers 24/7 Magento performance monitoring, which routinely checks the entire site’s performance and searches for conflicts, bugs, security risks, threats and other potential performance issues.

The Exinent team will track your eCommerce Magento ensure at all times, and alert you immediately should there ever be a critical issue that requires your attention. In addition, the Exinent team will act quickly to address these issues so you won’t need to worry.

Magento codes sometimes suffer from conflicts or redundant loops, which ultimately hurt a site’s performance and can lead to slow page load speeds. Exinent will locate any such conflicts or issues, and implement safe and effective code optimizations to ensure these problems are eliminated.

By first analyzing your Magento site’s entire set of code, conflicts, redundancy, security holes and performance issues related to non-optimized code, the Exinent team will address these problems and develop custom code optimization solutions.

Magento Managed Services Package

Select the Magento support and maintenance service package from Exinent, and receive the following services for your eCommerce store and online business:

  • Help Desk Support
  • Magento Extension Updates
  • Magento Extension Installation
  • Magento Theme Updates
  • Magento Version Upgrades
  • Magento Backup Support
  • Magento Security Auditing
  • Magento Performance Monitoring
  • Magento Bug Fixes
  • Magento Online Training
  • Magento Site Optimization
  • Magento Code Review
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