Make your Magento store safe with an efficient security check

Web development services are pushing the evolution of online shopping in a modern era. A few Years ago, people don’t even have an idea of shopping online, and now, online shopping meets current demands and offer online shoppers. Magento plays a vital role in the evolution of e-commerce as it endorses various entrepreneurs probe into growth in this space. However, engaging your customer with just an attractive web design is not enough. To be a master in the market, you should pay paramount attention to the security check on the website as well.
Security of any software system lets e-commerce trends more than its competitors out there. Therefore, as a Magento owner how can you ensure a free and quick security check for your Magento website, without any development assistance involved? Read this post, and make sure to remain secure!

Security check for Magento shop

Magneto is an open-source system, and this is one of the reasons for its fame! It is one of the leading e-commerce software platforms used not only by people and organisations but also those who do not have good intentions. This is why you must locate it accurately. Otherwise, lots of hackers are waiting for the right time to attack when specific security exploits are found. Most of them are creating opportunities for themselves.

The e-commerce store owner wants to know why hackers want to access their data. They should be aware of the methodologies that the hacker has been using to hack their data. As a Magento owner, it’s your responsibility to secure the information of the users that they are sharing through your website.

What exactly does Magento do?

Magento came up with security features that hold your website safe, but there are more steps which help to secure your Magento store. Magento releases upgraded security patches regularly to deal with security threats. Security patches are applied by eCommerce business owners and the development partners. As soon as possible, the store owners should upgrade their e-commerce store website with security patches.

Magento security patches

In 2015, Magento designed a  security patch SUPEE-5344 patch and shoplift bug patch. Magento introduced a security patch to provide for business owners who were worried about store hijacking. However, it authorised hackers to secure admin access to a store.

If you have not yet applied a patch to your online store, you can do it now. Another two patches are ready to step on the market they are SUPEE-7405 and SUPEE-8788. Hopefully, they will make much more efficient in preventing hacking of your Magento store.

What security check can do in your Magento store?

If you work for a business (store owner, manager, anyone who handles operations daily), or belong to the development team, e-commerce store owners can do a  security check quickly on their store by running the website through the MageReport scan.

MageReport assists you to protect a particular part of your store. It is one of the best ways to operate the Magento security check. A Magento security checks all the patches not yet installed on your store. The patches highlight the most important ones in red, less important ones in yellow and of no importance patches in grey. However, MageReport gives you some tips and issues on every patch shown on your store.

How does MageReport function?

To know the security status of your website you should run your e-commerce site through MageReport. The report will inform you whether you have installed all the Magento security patches or not. Moreover, this scan will help you to avoid smaller security threats.

Once you finish scanning your store, you will be able to notice that some of the scan results are in orange colour or red colour. This is bad news for store owners! It indicates that your website security is not in good condition. If your scan report is in green, there is no need to panic – it means your website security status is up to the standard.

What to do next?

If you observe red or orange colour in your scan results, that indicates that your website needs security attention. Based on which patches your store is missing, and on your Magento store version, the security of your store is settled. Need not to be panic, and you should be in touch with your development team and ask them about this. MageReport says their report that they are not 100% accurate because they don’t have any direct access to your store’s code. So, if you have any development team, you should believe them that you are in right hands. You can ask them the status of some of the missing patches. Later on, you can work out a plan together to improve the security of your overall installation.

If you see the security report in green colour, you should be thankful to yourself and your development team. You should be up to date with the latest security patches. You can also bookmark your Magento Security centre and keep an eye on the incoming security news.