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Insightful data analytics for efficient business operations.
Analytics and Business Intelligence are the essential catalysts for business sustenance and growth. The use of modern analytical solutions and BI applications has seen a huge surge in recent times, with self-service platforms and cloud-based analytics being the preferred choice.
Microsoft Power BI is one of the leading BI platforms that offers the above capabilities and simplifies analytics- even for novice users. It enables you to deep-dive into your enterprise data and take efficient and intelligent business decisions.
Power BI Solutions

Why Choose
Power BI

Power BI scores high on ease of adoption, data connectivity, and report visualization. It includes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities that offer advanced data insights such as predictive analytics, data simulation, NLP querying, and forecasting data patterns. Power BI is offered as a free standalone desktop version, and a cloud-based version that includes extensive dashboard sharing and collaboration capabilities.
If you are looking to move from legacy BI applications that do not give the right insights that your business needs, consider a shift to Power BI. It offers deeper data insights that enable you to get a holistic picture of your entire operations.

Power BI-The Key Benefits

Easy Connectivity

Power BI includes 500+ data connectors that can connect to a vast range of on-prem or cloud-based data sources, web analytics, CSV files, Excel, and many more. This enables businesses to easily use Power BI with their native data sources.

NLP Querying

The Natural Language processing feature in Power BI allows users to write queries in their natural language instead of using SQL. This feature allows users with no technical knowledge to use Power BI, making it accessible to anyone in your business.

Big Data Analytics

Power BI supports Big Data sources and includes easy analysis of structured and unstructured data. This gives an advantage of deriving insights from a vast range of business data in various formats, which is not offered in legacy BI applications.

Sharing and Collaboration

Power BI is a cloud-hosted application, making it accessible from any device and anywhere-which does away with the limitations of on-prem BI solutions. It also allows easy collaboration between users, enables quick sharing of dashboards, and converts them into Apps for a wider audience.

Extensive Data Visualization

Power BI offers extensive data visualization capabilities, which include dashboards, interactive reports, charts, and other formats. Users can easily export reports to PowerPoint presentations and customize the visualizations according to their specific requirements.

The Exinent Advantage

Our custom Power BI solutions include the key aspects outlined below.
Choose us to get the best BI advantage for your business and accelerate your pace towards achieving digital maturity. To know more on how this would work for your business, contact us for a free initial assessment, and get a roadmap for implementing Power BI in your business operations.

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