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If you are using Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart, or any other shopping platform and wish to migrate to Magento, we are here to help. Beginning from planning, Exinent handles everything and helps you switch to Magento with zero downtime and no loss of revenue.

  • Save and store all data from your Magento 1 store.
  • Erase any unnecessary data.
  • Use a clone of your Magento 1 store for the migration process.
  • Evaluate the compatibility of the current features with Magento 2.

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Beat the Competition with Magento’s Flexibility and Scalability

Whether you want to be creative with the design or improve your customers’ shopping experience, Magento offers you nearly endless possibilities. Allow Exinent to take your online store to the next level helping you migrate from any other e-commerce platform to Magento quickly and safely.


Our Migration Process



At Exinent, we believe that proper planning is the step one to successful platform migration. We extensively research your existing website and prepare a detailed document that lists all the existing features and functionalities. It allows us to get an idea of the entities that can be and can’t be migrated and also helps us to explain to you the procedure well.


Database Migration

The next step would be migrating data from your existing e-commerce platform’s database to a new database. Depending upon the platform you currently use, entities like products, images, categories, customers, reviews, CMS pages, etc. can easily be migrated. In this stage, we move everything from your existing database.


Building Custom Functionalities

Some of the features and functionalities that your existing e-commerce website has may not support Magento right away. In such cases, we need to build custom modules to make sure all of the site’s features exist on the new platform too. As a full stack Magento development company, Exinent can develop any module or extension irrespective of complexity.


Design and Deployment

The final step is creating a design that resembles your existing online store’s appearance. Remember, we can also create a new and trendy design should you need. Unlike platforms like Shopify, Magento needs a hosting environment. At Exinent, we can take care of your website’s hosting requirements too.

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento



Magento comes with a ton of built-in features that lets you manage a lot of things ranging from multiple currencies, taxes, and payment providers.



Some of the world’s biggest online retailers use Magento. Magento is highly scalable and can handle even the exponential growth.


Search Engine Friendly

The Magento platform is SEO friendly out of the box. It also allows custom modifications that are essential for high-level SEO strategies.


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