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Get your website’s SEO up to speed from the inside out. Monthly SEO packages are the key to effective SEO and essential to any online marketing strategy.

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All successful businesses have one thing in common– they are known. In today’s digital world, there’s one very effective method for achieving this. And that is through effective SEO. By definition,Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a marketing discipline focused on building organic (non-paid) traffic to one’s website.

When it comes to Magento eCommerce sites, there are particular methods built into the framework of Magento to achieve this. The experts at Exinent can unlock this approach and help your business uncover its website’s true potential for eCommerce success.

Getting Started with Magento eCommerce SEO Packages

We’ll manage, monitor and tweak your campaign for a low monthly fee. The Exinent team will form a plan to optimize your Magento site’s online rankings from the inside out. We’ll investigate factors important to a high SEO rating, including fast page load speed, and your Google Analytics settings. Good SEO must be built over time, it is an ongoing process. That’s why we offer SEO monthly packages.

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Magento SEO Packages

In addition to providing certified Magento development support, Exinent offers a wide variety of Magento SEO packages.

Specialized SEO ServicesSilverGoldPlatinum
Keyword Research Researching valuable keywords, and keyword phrases, to use for web copy and meta tags.2550100
Keyword Analysis Analysis of current keyword lists and strategies, with a focus on the competitive landscape.
Keyword Placement Strategy Development of strategy for placing target keywords within web copy and on web pages.
On-Page SEO Services
404 Link Check and Cleanup Discovering current 404 web pages and removing or redirecting pages appropriately.
Page Redirection Setup Redirect outdated links and pages to current or new web pages or content.
Canonical Tags Optimization Utilizing canonical tags to eliminate duplicate content and optimize similar pages.
Internal Links Optimization Optimizing internal site links for easier user navigation and better search engine cataloguing.
Anchor Text Implementation Updating internal and external links with text relevant to link content.
Image ALT Tags Updating site images to include ALT tags for better search engine indexing.
URL Structure Validation Recommendations Optimizing URLs to include relevant keywords and consistent branding.
Duplicate Page Validations
Meta Tag Validations
Sitemap Creation and Submission Creating website sitemaps and submitting files to search engines for improved ranking and indexing.
Robots.txt File Creation Creation of Robots.txt file for improved search crawl results and better search rankings.
Keyword Rankings Complete ranking of on-page keywords, including competition and long-tail recommendations.
Keywords Scope
Search Index Status Current status or site URLs, including complete list of indexed pages and content.
Meta Tag Recommendations Suggestions for improved meta tags for all web pages and landing pages.
Content Guide Lines
Image ALT Tag Setups Adding ALT tags to website images for improved SEO value.
Google Webmasters Set Up Setting up Google Webmasters for improved website and SEO management.
Google Analytics Setup Setting up Google Analytics, installing Analytics on website and creating relevant filters.
Schema Implementations Adding custom schema for search engines to parse for improve search engine result page appearance.
Off-Page SEO Services
Directory Submissions Listing business on relevant and valuable directories.10/Month30/Month
Social Book Markings25/Month60/Month
Business Listings5 Listings/Month15 Listings/Month
Blog Writing and Posting Writing SEO-friendly and promotional blogs.2 Blogs/Month4 Blogs/Month
Article Writing and Posting Writing professional and industry-focused articles.2 Articles/Month4 Articles/Month
Google Places Listing Setting up Google Places for businesses with physical addresses.10 Listings20 Listings
Participate in Forums5 Forums/Week10 Forums/Week
Backlink Building Acquiring backlinks to website from trusted sites with search engine authority.5 Links/Month10 Links/Month
Classifieds (if Applicable)2/Week6/Week
Guest Blogging Writing blogs on relevant websites and partnering with blog writers to share site links.2/Month
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Page Setup – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google+ , Pinterest Creation of business pages on social media platforms.
Custom Social Media Banner Design Designing custom banners, headers, logos and profile pictures for social media pages.
Content Posting on Social Media Designing original content and posting it on social media business pages.2 Posts/Week5 Posts/Week
Content Publishing Publishing branded content across multiple online platforms, sites and pages.
YouTube Video Creation Designing original YouTube videos, including editing, publishing and optimization.1/Month
SlideShare Presentation Creation Development of branded SlideShare presentations, case studies and business reports.1/Month1/Month
Digital Marketing Reports and Analytics
Web Analytics Report Complete report on website performance, KPIs, traffic, audiences and user acquisitions.DailyDailyDaily
Keyword Rankings Report Reviewing current keyword rankings and providing recommendations for improved keyword lists.WeeklyDailyDaily
Landing Page Performance Analyzing landing page performance, focusing on messaging, conversions and engagement.MonthlyWeekly
On-Demand Reports Magento, site, analytics, social media, or other reports can be created upon request and on-demand.

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For the past 7 years, we’ve been pushing the limits and capabilities of Magento. And along the way, we’ve learned what it takes to make Magento perform at it’s most optimal level. When you sign up for one of our Monthly Magento SEO packages, we bring that knowledge to you every time you pick up the phone.