Moving From EOL Magento 1 To Magento 2 Flexibly With Exinent

Magento has officially ended support for its Magento 1.x editions on June 30’ 2020. This has affected a large number of stores that were using Magento 1.x versions earlier, and the deadline has seen quite a fair number of stores migrate to Magento 2. However, there still are stores that are running on the end-of- life Magento 1.x versions, and it’s imperative that they upgrade at the earliest to run on a stable and supported version of Magento. The deadline to upgrade has also come in the time of the pandemic, and this can be one of the reasons for a delayed or deferred upgrade by users, due to the high costs associated with the migration. We at Exinent have a flexible solution for Magento 1.x users who are still to migrate and are affected by the pandemic. Before we introduce you to our flexible COVID-19 Magento 2 Migration plan, let’s take a look at why users need to upgrade and move away from Magento 1.x at the earliest.


Moving From EOL Magento 1 To Magento 2

Magento 1 is no Longer Secure and Supported

The now legacy version of Magento is no longer supported from June 30’, which means that users who are running their store on that platform would no longer receive updates-leaving them vulnerable to hacking attempts as their version of Magento is no longer protected.  There has been an earlier spurt in malicious attempts to gain access to Magneto websites and inject code that would allow them to access the payment information, and this was rectified with a security patch update by the Magento team. However, since the 1.x version is no longer supported, it’s widely believed that online stores that are running on the legacy version of Magento would be a prime target of hackers, as there could be vulnerabilities that would no longer be supported by security patches. This is one of the prime reasons that Adobe and the online Magento community have been making numerous attempts to educate users to migrate to the new version.

Running a Magento 1.x Store could put you at Risk with Payment Processing Standards

If you are still running an online store with Magento 1.x version, you would be at risk for non-compliance with PCI DSS norms (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), which govern the technical environment on which you accept online payments on your website. These norms require you to have software that has regular access to vendor-supplied security systems, and since Magento 1.x is no longer going to get any updates, you would automatically fail to comply with the guidelines. This would have an impact on your website and its payment processing mechanism, and can also render you liable for penalties and revoking of payment options in the future. Also, your customers would surely feel insecure transacting on an unsupported software platform-and this would impact your business in the long run.

Even PayPal has issued an advisory to merchants running Magento 1.x that continuing on Magento 1.x would lead to security issues and non-compliance with PCI DSS norms with respect to payment processing using cards. This makes it all the more essential that you migrate to Magento 2 at the earliest- if you had not done before.

The Solution- Exinent’s COVID Magento 2 Migration Plan

For many online store owners, the migration would require them to approach a developer or an agency, as the steps in the migration process are not as easy as a DIY process to be done by themselves.  The deadline for the migration has been during the current COIVID-19 pandemic, and with limited business and customers, some store owners would see the migration costs as a major challenge. Fortunately, we at Exinent have come-up with a COVID-19 Magento 2 Migration Plan that helps businesses moving from Magento 1.x to Magento 2 with a flexible payment plan that allows them to pay the migration costs spread across six months, instead of paying them upfront. This helps store owners move towards the essential migration without paying the complete amount initially, and gives them the flexibility in paying the migration costs. We have seen numerous customers taking advantage of the offer, and you can also choose to do so by contacting us.

Exinent has been at the forefront of Magento consulting and development since the past decade and has thousands of satisfied customers who have got the best Magento solutions for their online stores. We also provide custom theme and extension development, apart from maintenance, Magento hosting,  and security services that are designed to give your online store the perfect advantage and support.  If you choose to avail our COVID-19 Magento 2 Migration plan or would like to discuss on your eCommerce needs, do get in touch, and we would be glad to help.