Case Study

Jovial Foods

Enabling Multi-Store integration, unified shopping cart, enhanced performance, easy administration, and comprehensive support services

Exinent helped Jovial Food boost their sales by designing a new layout, customizing search, optimizing page speed, and tweaking integrations.

About Client

Jovial Foods manufactures and sells Gluten-free and Italian-made food products such as pasta, sauces, flour, grain, amongst others, to both distributors and consumers. Founded by a husband-wife duo Carla Bertolucci and Rodolfo Viola, they have their headquarters in Connecticut. Since their inception, they had a rapid growth in sales, which enabled them to start selling online to direct customers through their websites: and

The Problem

Prior to partnering with Exinent for Magento maintenance, support services, and custom development, Jovial Foods was struggling with their previous offshore Magento partner on the below challenges. They also required specific functional enhancements to their websites-which were the key drivers for improving their business operations and future growth.



Jovial Foods wanted a functionality to enable customers to simultaneously purchase products through both their websites in a single order- which required a feature to integrate the shopping cart on both the websites and allow easy navigation.
The existing ERP integration made the site architecture more complex, as Jovial Foods wanted customer orders across both websites to seamlessly flow into the ERP application. The orders need to be sequentially numbered, facilitating easy accounting, fulfilment, shipping, and tracking without changing their current operating process.

The Execution

Exinent, with its team of certified Magento experts and backed by a decade-long experience in custom Magento development and support, analysed the requirements and implemented a solution strategy in the below phases.
The two websites (Jovial Foods and Bionaturae) were on different Magento installations. This was resolved by migrating Bionaturae to the Jovial Foods Magento installation using the built-in “Multi-Store” functionality.
Exinent then implemented a “combined cart” functionality to allow customers to visit and shop on both websites through one single website visit. Customers visiting Jovial Foods could now easily navigate to Bionaturae by simply toggling to the BioNaturae link at the top of the website. This eliminated the need to place two separate orders on both websites.
Site speed and performance were also improved during this project. Exinent then optimized the user experience, as all these factors were essential for ranking the site as per Google’s new algorithm changes. This resulted in better search results and increased traffic to the site.


Why Magento? It has been a great outcome for multiple clients when it comes to food items in their e-store. Exinent can help you in multiple ways by providing multiple solutions.

Better User Experience

The “combined cart” functionality allowed Jovial Foods site visitors to easily shop from Bionaturae in a single purchase. This improved the overall user experience and created better brand awareness for both websites.

Support and Maintenance

A comprehensive support and maintenance roadmap by Exinent did away with the challenges that Jovial Foods faced with their previous technology partner. Defined SLAs, faster TAT, and dedicated account management equipped them with the right support that they required.

Savings in time

The internal integration of both the websites enabled faster operations and a substantial savings of time for managing both the websites.

Unified Admin Interface

The need for managing separate Magento installations was no longer a constraint, as both the websites now had a single admin panel-with the content, products, promotions, and brands being individually separate.

Improved Performance

Exinent’s custom solutions increased the site speed, made it more stable, and improved the overall performance. This enabled the client to get the complete benefits of using the Magento platform.

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