Improved Checkout, optimized Hosting and Backend solutions for better site performance

 Exinent migrated Ozonics Hunting to a new server, developed automated solutions for many manual tasks on the site, and created a custom one-step checkout to improve overall site conversions and user experience. 

About the Client 

Ozonics Hunting is an Iowa based developer of Ozone Devices to mask Human scent and designed for hunters. 

The Problem

Ozonics was in search of a Magento-specialized development company to assist with maintenance and support, and feature development for their Magento 2 ecommerce website. They were struggling with recurring issues, reliance on manual processes, lack of tracking on issues, and developing out new features and functionality for the website as they continue to grow.

Because of their lack of in-house Magento expertise, they were in search of a partner that could consult, advise, and translate the business impact of needed changes to the current site, and future enhancements.

Additionally, the developers who developed the Magento 2 website had the server under their direct control and billing, so the server had to be migrated to ensure Ozonics was receiving direct billing from the hosting company, and was relieved from any ties to the previous development company.

It was also discovered that Ozonics was using a non-branded checkout that lacked UI/UX consideration. To put together, the following tasks were needed to be implemented.

  • Server Migration to AWS
  • Automating manual back end activities
  • Resolving long term issues with Ava Tax, Discounts, and more on site
  • Improving the checkout experience
  • Getting this all done by “season” – within a short 2 months

The Execution

Exinent quickly identified that Ozonics was in need of Magento Maintenance and Support services, and additional projects to resolve the problems.

The first step was to move the server to an Ozonics AWS account so they could control their billing directly.

It was discovered in the migration that there was very little fixed code that was implemented on-site to resolve manual processes. Exinent found that Ozonics was relying on a developer when called, to enable or disable something that could be resolved permanently with code level changes.

For example, instead of having the AvaTax records updated automatically, they were being imported once a month by the development team. This prevented Ozonics from seeing tax and transactions “off-site” in real-time.

Additional improvements to processes, calculations of discounts, backorders and more were made to reduce the amount of manual work on the site. This allows the Ozonics team to function independently for many of the things they previously relied on a developer for.

The Result

At the final stage of the project, Exinent analyzed the checkout process, and found that the checkout was unbranded with no header, lack of payment options, and could be significantly improved.

Exinent implemented a “one-step” checkout, brought in the website header, improved UI/UX, and added payment options to improve the overall checkout experience.



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