How To Influence Your Customers Psychologically To Buy More

You could read all the books on marketing and sales to know all the ways which can help you increase sale. But if you notice minutely, in e-commerce, a very dominant factor in sales is psychological influences. It includes design, color, content and many other factors.

This blog talks about some basic ways you can positively influence your customers to complete a transaction satisfactorily.

#1 Discount

Discount is one of the most efficient ways to increase sales. While there are genuine reasons to give discounts (e.g. promotion, launch, clearance, etc.), this marketing technique can also be used to boost sales. A popular way to offer ‘discounts’ is that you pump up the price and offer a discount such that you can avail the proper price. This motivates your customers to feel more satisfied with the price they pay while they receive cost-effective products or services.

Discounts can also be offered in combinations (combos) or for bulk orders to encourage people to buy more. A feeling of urgency – a situation of now or never – can be created by offering limited-time offers. There are versatile ways you can use a discount to move your stock.

#2 Design

It may sound cliche but the design speaks a lot. A LOT. It sets the mood, speaks of the brand personality, appeals to the customer. When you design, keep in mind the age, cultural background, age group, social preferences, and lifestyles. Accordingly, the color, the font, the language, the graphics, etc. have to be adjusted. The right design builds a good rapport and post that, customers tend to ‘like’ your products more and tend to reach the end of the sales funnel.

In addition, you can also include various functionality to engage and entertain your user better. For example, if you target an older age group of people, you can include a functionality that allows the user to adjust the font to better readability. If you sell kids products, the design can include more animation.

#3 Customer Reviews

It’s your business; obviously, you are going to say good things about yourself. So, it’s important that you showcase the others who have something good to tell about you. Users or customers have a fellow-feeling amongst themselves. The reviews they write is a way of ‘looking out for each other’. So, if you let them know that other members of the buyer community trust your business, it will encourage them to trust you as well.

So, in your design make sure that you leave space to include some amazing reviews. You can also tag your products with ‘best seller’, ‘best price’, etc. to attract more attention. Such tactics help and encourage customers to buy more.

#4 Price

It has been noticed that if there is an ‘odd’ number for price, buyers tend to round it down rather than round it up. Hence, a common technique to sell more products is to dial down the price by a cent. Instead of pricing it at $500, try using $49999 Again, it better not to use a whole number like $499, as well. A fraction in cent is also found to be more effective than a whole number.

What tactics do you use to influence your visitors to buy from your site? Let us know in the comments below.