Reduce Checkout Time To Half With Magento’s Instant Purchase. Here’s how.

Imagine cutting your checkout time from one minute to less than 10 seconds.

Is it possible?
Instant Purchase Configuration
Yes, it is possible. Magento’s Instant Purchase feature can now do the same.

Add a “Buy Now” button as usual. Then the user has to find the product and add it to the cart. Clicking on the “Buy Now” button then you can see a message as confirm your order. The whole process to order a product can take less than 10 seconds. When it comes to e-commerce-especially in mobile e-commerce every second count. 

As soon as one-click purchasing technology was available to use openly, Magneto introduced Instant Purchase option with a version 2.2.2.

Magento’s Instant Purchase Empowers Customers

Instant purchase option allows your customers to have a quick and the most uncomplicated checkout process that is available on the Magento store.

When a customer is logged in Magento store and click on Instant Purchase button on the product page, you can see a pop-up that confirms the shipping address, billing address, payment method, and shipping method so where the customers can verify the product what they purchase. It is not necessary to enter billing details or shipping details. 

However, all this information related to the product will be stored in the customer’s account assist for the best checkout experience. 

Only one activity left for your customers is to click on the conformation button is to confirm their order.

Instant Purchase Facilitates Mobile Use

Why do most people choose to shop on a laptop or desktop rather than a mobile?

Customers can easily search for their products, add them to cart and enter the shipping and billing information on a laptop with a keyboard. However, it is challenging to perform the same functions on the mobile device.

It gives trouble in entering all the details about shipping on your smartphone or tablet even though it has a big screen. Magento’s Instant Purchase solves your problem and makes it simple.

By using the e-commerce feature, customers can buy their products very fast.  It helps in increasing the conversion rate as it encourages buyers to purchase products immediately, instead of checking at the shopping cart to see unexpected costs and abandon their cart.

E-commerce merchants set up a desktop version and don’t even realize that their mobile version is an entirely different shopping experience. If you fail to satisfy the needs of your mobile shoppers, then the customers go somewhere to make their purchase. As per, Google Search, 73% of the consumers will switch from poorly designed mobile site to one that makes purchasing simple.

Customer Requirements to Use Magento Instant Purchase

Instant Purchases who choose the option will  present to your customers who meet some of the following requirements:

  • First customers sign in to their account.
  • Customers shipping and billing address are saved during their first checkout.
  • Minimum one shipping method is available for the specified country in their default shipping address.
  • Customers contain a stored payment method. However, any credit card information is not stored.

How To Configure Instant Purchase In Your Magento store

Two easy steps to configure Instant Purchase in your Magento Store:

Step 1

  • Login to your admin panel and redirect to stores > settings: configuration. 
  • On the left-hand panel, choose Sales> Payment Methods.
  • Choose a payment method 
  • At the end click Configure to expand 

Fill all the following fields 

  • Merchant ID
  • Public Key
  • Private Key
  • Set Enable for this solution


Enable Instant Purchase

  • Choose Sales>Sales placed on the left-hand panel
  • Click Instant Purchase to explain this section
  • Choose yes option in the Enabled field.
  • Enter the text you want to display to your customers in the Button Text. If you leave this field as empty, the default text will be Instant Purchase.

If you have any difficulty, please contact us at Exinent LLC. We are here to help you.