Take advantage of Magento platform’s data integration capabilities

For millions of businesses across the globe, Magento is their preferred choice when it comes to selecting an e-commerce solution. Data integration is an integral part of any successful e-commerce business. With a Magento integration set up by Exinent, we can help you connect your site’s data to a number of third party services.

We connect your Magento store with a host of third-party apps

Connecting your business’ e-commerce store’s data to other platforms is a snap for the team at Exinent. We’ll analyze the needed steps to take to connect your site to the platform of your choosing, and formulate a plan. The plan includes getting your data to communicate with one another with no service interruptions or loss in functionality. At Exinent, our prime goal is to exceed expectations.

Payment Integrations

Streamline payments and refunds by integrating with leading payment providers.

ERP Integrations

Connect your store with tens of popular ERP services.

Analytics and Social Media

Track your growth metrics and simply your business’s social media activities.

Some of the popular Magento integrations

Magento CRM Integration, Google Analytics, QuickBooks, Netsuite, QAD, eCometry, Order Motion, Magento Salesforce Integration, Magento PayPal Integration, Magento Social Media Integration.

Why Exinent?

Our integration service helps your business in many ways from managing it efficiently to tracking growth.

Full ERP integrations

From industry leaders like Salesforce to a small-scale ERP service provider.

Seamless Data Transfer

Perfect synchronization and never miss a trace of information.

Custom Integrations

Complex, highly-advanced Magento integrations custom made for you.

Backed By Our Support

With Exinent by your side, you never have to worry about integration woes ever again.

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