Tackling Sagepay Extension Issues Of Magento 2

Magento 2 brings a far wider business opportunity for eCommerce retailers. But even then, Magento 2, on its own is not wholesome. For added benefits and for availing customized functions, we add many extensions. SagePay is one of the best performing extensions that Magento users find beneficial.

However, being a Magento development company, at Exinent LLC, our team of developers has addressed various issues that the users are facing. In this blog, we have noted down a few common issues. You can also find some easy solutions to fix those issues as well.

Transaction failure issues

Transaction issues may occur at SagePay when customers cancel their transactions abruptly. The common reason for the transaction status for  individuals transactions are:

  1. Customer cancels or disrupts checkout
  2. Browser problems/internet issues
  3. Authorization time-out                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

a)Customer cancels or disrupts checkout

If a customer faces problem during the transactional process or redirected back on the browser then you can see a generated status as “An ERROR occurred at SagePay that canceled this transaction”.  It occurs only when the transaction process takes longer time than the normal one, it could also be that the customer has changed his mind and decided to change the order and clicked to go back to your website.

You cannot find many options to preclude this particular cause. As this is generated by the customer’s activity about the transactional process you can only advise customers to stay on the same page until the completion of the transaction process. 

Instead, customers who wish to change their order should click “Cancel” during the transaction process. This will take shoppers to redirect to your website page.

b) Browser problems/internet issues

You can see many other ways that cause the transaction to fail. Two of them are like browser and internet issues. These problems prompted the transaction to terminate at the end get back with an error.

Customers sometimes face transaction failure issues due to lags from the browser end as well. If shoppers experience internet or browser problems they can directly contact their Internet Service Provider(ISP) who resolve the problem, they can even choose another machine or device to complete their transaction.

c) Authorization time-out

  • Once the transaction process take forward through the SagePay
  • It sends backs to the bank for permission. Then the bank holds the transaction process and reserves the funds to be taken.
  • Permissions will not take much time to grant, though it is possible to take longer. If the authorization takes a longer time to accept it will be timed-out and the transaction would fail. 
  • Errors may also occur due to repeated failure in the authorization of payment gateways. When that happens, the user will be redirected to the payment page again and again.
  • Authorization time-outs do not repeat and are not even a constant problem, again customers can start their transaction process without any further interruption. 

Invoice Payments-SagePay

 If you are facing issues with your Invoice Payments and you obtain a message that displays an ‘Unable to connect to SagePay’ error this can be because of a number of factors.

Practice Data

The first test is to ensure that your account is connected to Sagepay that test to download your transactions using practice data.

In order to perform this, you should open a Sage accounts software and choose practice data from the option available. This will run using a set-up of SagePay on your practice data, allowed to download wizard.

If your SagePay extension is giving you a hard time, feel free to consult our Magento experts at Exinent LLC.