Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of the sale and usage of our products and services govern the relationship between Exinent® LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and all parties authorized to represent Exinent® LLC in whole or part (Hereafter collectively referred to as “We” and “Us”) and customers (Single, multiple persons, or recognized business entities-Hereafter collectively referred to as “You”) of Exinent®, as well as visitors to our website through any channel. Usage of our products, services, third-party marketplaces, and our website expressively implies a complete understanding and irrevocable agreement to the terms and conditions mentioned below.


The products listed on our website and in third-party Marketplace accounts are Extensions developed for Magento®, and are sold as digital downloads subsequent to  successful registration and payment on the online channel.  They are offered for sale as per the specifications and features mentioned and are to be installed and configured as per the supporting documentation that is offered along with the product.  Any deviation in installation and usage environment is not binding on us.


The performance of the Extension is subject to usage with compatible versions of Magento®, hardware environment, and supported browsers, and might be affected by certain third-party templates, extensions and configuration settings which might attempt to override the Extension settings or cause a change in its intended functionality. We would advise you to contact our support team for clarification in such cases. Any observed deviation in performance and features when used in an environment that has not been recommended for the usage of the Extension is non-binding on us, though we would offer support only to provide better clarity on the issue.


The Extensions are listed on our website, associated websites, and the Magento® Marketplace and accept payments through various payment methods which can be credit/debit card, Paypal®, and other online payment methods. We would not be responsible for any delay or loss in payment while the website interfaces with payment gateways, or from your payment account. In case you face any issues with your payment going through the purchase channel, please contact us for more information.

Limitation of Warranty

Any warranty that has been expressively mentioned on the Extensions website is subject to the Extension being used in suggested versions of Magento® and the performance might be impacted by third-party extensions used in conjunction, the templates used and the hardware environment.  We reserve a right to void any warranty agreement when the Extension has not been used in the suggested environment and in an intended manner.

Usage Rights

The Extension software is licensed to use only to the customer (As per the definition above) who has purchased the Extension and is for a single user license. The license cannot be transferred to a third-party, not can the code be altered or modified, in addition to being re-packaged. Any action that interferes with such distribution and intellectual property rights would attract legal provisions as applicable, as we hold complete copyrights to the Extension.

Limitation of Liability

We absolve ourselves of any incidental or implied damages caused by using our products and services, either in regards to their performance or any action associated with their output. This includes any associated damages-incidental or implied, or any direct or indirect liabilities while using our products and services. Any clarification on proper usage and guidance in the interpretation of usage and output must be directed to our support team and no attempt must be made to alter the code or the functionality of the Extension while being used.

Intellectual Property Rights

We hold the sole intellectual property copyrights for our products and they cannot be re-sold, offered for hire, or distributed to a third-party without our express consent, even for the purpose of demonstration across any channel-either in part or whole. This includes the core product and associated images, documents, and descriptive content.

Support and Updates

We offer free support for 90 days from the date of purchase, and any support inquiries should be directed to our support team on the listed email address, along with details of your purchase.

The Extension would come with free lifelong updates, and we recommend the installation and usage of updates to help the extension perform optimally.

Terms and Conditions for usage of Services

The terms and conditions exclusively for the usage of our services would be communicated on an individual basis to the client or customer, based on the nature of the services and their usage by them. The collection and usage of personal data in such cases would still fall under the purview of the associated terms and conditions mentioned in this document, and the Privacy Policy.

What Information do we collect when you use our Products and Services?

We collect personal identification information from our customers who use our products and services that are not limited to their name, complete physical & official address, phone number, email address, personal information, and website address. This is used to send you information and service updates on the products and services that you have purchased with us, or have used with our specific consent. When you use our products and services or our website, it’s derived that you irrevocably agree to the terms and conditions that are mentioned in this document with your complete understanding and consent.

Usage of this information would also be to selectively inform you of our new product launches and service offerings through emails, calls, physical mail, and newsletters. You can contact us for sharing the set of information that we maintain about you by sending us an email; and can also choose to edit or erase, in part or whole of the stored information, its usage, and also choose to opt-out from the storage of your information by expressively mentioning so.

Storage and Usage of Information

We use the latest storage facilities to securely store your personal information, in accordance with prevalent data storage requirements, and make all possible efforts to ensure that there is no breach of data-either accidental or intentional. The information is securely processed for due communication and is handled by secure applications that are tested for any vulnerabilities in processing data. Storage and usage of data are subject to the below clauses under “Indemnification” and “Force Majeure”.

Indemnification Clauses

As much as we make a complete effort to safeguard your data, we absolve and indemnify ourselves from any accidental breaches; technical errors, software viruses, malefic efforts to hack storage centers and internet transmission, and any unauthorized insider access that is against our policies and guidelines.

Our indemnification clauses are completely inclusive of all the above and also would include any breaches by any third-parties that we conduct business with. This includes Social Media sites, third-party websites, online selling platforms, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and all physical and electronic infrastructure providers.

Force Majeure

All the above terms and conditions, and their necessary and extended implications would be subject to unforeseen and uncontrollable Force Majeure conditions as applicable by law, which will negate any agreement implications that we are subject to, either in part or whole-for reasons beyond our control as legally deemed so.

Redressal of Complaints

The above terms and conditions can be questioned and challenged by primarily communicating with us in a written format on the nature of the complaint, conflict, or its derived implication. We would respond to such queries within 3 weeks from the date of receipt through our official communication channels and it should be deemed as our response to your communication.

We reserve the right to alter and modify any or all of the above- mentioned terms and conditions at any stage; without any individual communication to our customers, and the same shall be binding on all the parties of this document.