The Six Product Types in Magento-Magento Website Development

An E-Commerce store is all about products and services. Magento offers a comprehensive set of supported products, which can be physical or virtual. In this article, we shall look into the six different types of products that you can sell on your store with Magento. Products are broadly configured into simple and complex products (Aggregate products), with the SKU being the identity of an individual product.

magento products

Different Types of Products in Magento

  • Simple Products: They are your normal products that can be sold individually on the website.  They can be stock-controlled, and the product which is viewed is available for purchase. They form the base for complex products.
  • Grouped Products: These products are aggregate products and are not stock controlled. They show as list of products with advised quantities, and individually are simple products with no customization options.
  • Configurable Products: These are products which have configuration options such as color, size, weight etc. They are not stock controlled and have multiple SKU’s. The actual product purchased is an associated simple product.
  • Bundled Products: These are simple products which are sold as a set. They are not stock controlled, and force multiple product choices. They are set of simple products with no configuration options.
  • Virtual Products: These are products that do not physically exist. They can be stock controlled but do not have a delivery.
  • Downloadable Products: These are used to sell digital downloads such as videos, music, and software. They can be stock controlled and are accessed after the purchase.

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