Top 5 E-Commerce Mistakes Sellers Must Avoid

Mistakes are sure to happen especially in marketing. As of now, you are failing to correct those mistakes or to learn something from them may lead to a loss in your e-commerce in the long run. Even if it seems like a small mistake, it may damage the conversions of your e-commerce.

Here, take a look at the common e-commerce conversion mistakes that you should avoid.

#1 Bad Inventory Management

Bad Inventory Management is one of the toughest and essential factors in e-Commerce. Inventory management helps in fulfilling the customer’s demand. Customers have nothing to do with how to manage your inventory; they only care about what products reach them and in what condition (like the right product, on time, undamaged products). If you don’t handle your inventory correctly, you may lose money on managing delivery later. Knowing what costs you extra expenses will help you avoid those expenses & mistakes then.

For example:

Avoid Spoilage

If you do not keep an eye on the expiry date of the products, you may end up sending expired products to your customers. That may hamper both your reputation and business. With the help of solid inventory management, you can avoid unnecessary spoilage.

#2 Poor Customer Service

Whether you realize it or not, customer service performs a significant role in almost all your business transactions. It is essential to know how you respond to your user through your website.

You may lose your customers by making very small mistakes and obtain a bad reputation. Poor customer services have an adverse impact on business.

Social media is one of the best ways to respond to your customers and solve the questions and comments. It’s how you handle and address your customers’ complaints over the phone and through email. Here are a few methods to make some interaction with customers that require some attention and support.

Providing excellent customer services to your customers is one of the ways where you can satisfy your customers without even offering low prices or giving discounts.

#3 Complicated Checkout Process

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the critical issues faced by every e-commerce today. Especially e-Commerce stores cannot escape from the problems caused by abandonment. But what leads to cart abandonment? Here are a few reasons:

Unexpected shipping cost

Most of the people leave without purchasing due to the hidden cost. This hidden cost creates irritation and annoyance customers to leave without checkout.

Providing price transparency make customers fall in love with your business and wins the trust of your customers.  Offering free shipping guides 73% of the customers to make a purchase and encourage 93% of shoppers to buy more online.

The cart should include all the fee details including shipping to remove any confusion and to allow customers to order without creating an account.

#4 Poor Website Design (UI/UX)

One of the major problems why the sellers are not able to attract customers is due to poor website design.  Most of the e-commerce brings down the success rate because of the mistakes in the UX design of an e-commerce website.

Shopping cart is one of the essential components of your e-commerce website. It should be flexible for the customers who visit their store and sellers should provide freedom to the customers and be transparent about the products. This is the place where developers create many issues for their website.

Here is the best solution. A design where customers can choose a product and redirect to the shopping page where they can proceed to checkout can be highly beneficial. Allow your customers to edit the quantities of the items and remove the unwanted products from their cart. You should display the shopping cart on your store to allow the users to confirm once again before they pay for it.

#5 Not Focusing on Branding

Most of the people choose a brand over lower price item. So, the brand plays a vital role in your business. In case if your company does not follow any of the brands, the company selling products will compete on price, and you are forced to compete with big brands by decreasing your profit margins even if you sell it for the lower price, your product may not sell. This leads to the low conversion rate of your store.

  • To make your business successful, you need to create an eye-catching logo which attracts users.
  • You need to create a brand message that conveys what your customers want and that you do your best for them.
  • Be sure that your visual elements should match the message and your brand. For example, if you promise your customers to provide innovation, avoid using boring images.

If your company fails to make a bond with customers and when they are not up to the mark, customers move to another brand or product without a second thought. This is one of the reasons that e-commerce sellers make mistakes.

We could go to intricate details on all the kinds of mistakes e-commerce store owners commit. But the ones we mentioned are the most significant mistakes that you cannot afford to invest. If you require any assistance in developing your ecommerce store to boost sales, you can consult our development experts at Exinent LLC.