Top 6 B2B E-Commerce Marketing Ideas

Everywhere it’s buzzing. Everyone has a new idea. But which one really does work? Is marketing your products as easy as the marketing ideas sound like? To be frank, B2B businesses have always come with their own set of challenges and comparatively, there are fewer studies in B2B marketing than there are for B2C businesses.

Well, we did some research on our own – listened to influencer’s and tried them out in real life. And, this, we have some tips for you that ACTUALLY work.

Without further ado, let’s get to those.

Top 6 B2B E-Commerce Marketing Ideas

#1 Create Marketing Personas
A marketing persona is a digital being who functions as an expert in your concerned industry. Like a real person, this being will have a name, age, location, gender, a designation, interests, etc. Through that persona, you reach out to your target audience to give them updates on the industry or your store. The persona can provide your customer base with valuable tips and insights related to your industry.

To understand it better, you can think of the persona as a blend of a business page and a personal page of an influencer. This marketing persona delivers all the essentials of the business while maintaining a personal touch and ‘realness’ of an influencer. When you deliver a message through a persona, you ensure that the message conveys both the information and the emotion behind it.

#2 Analyze Your Competition
WHo better judges your condition better than your competitor? After all, your competitors are always working to get an upper hand in the market, aren’t they? Hence, neddless to say, you too need to play at the same game. Tap every activity of your competitors – how is their design? What keywords are they using? How relevant or popular are they? How are they pricing their products? What do their customers like about them? Track and analyze the trends of your competitors and work out a plan to beat them at the market.

This is not a one-time-job. This has t o a continuous effort of your entire team, including your customer base (e.g. ask them what more they want you to include in your store to meet their current trends).

#3 Account-based Marketing
Account-based marketing, better termed as customer-oriented marketing, focusses at retaining your existing customers over gaining new customers. Not to say that you should only aim at retaining existing customer because new traffic is no less important. But at this point, studies show that gaining a new customer is much more expensive than retaining the existing customer.

Now, here’s how you retain your existing customer – pamper them. Dedicate a team to better customer experience. This includes retaining their preferences (location, budget, interests, age, food habits, faith, etc.) suggesting them only the relevant things, responding to their queries fast, offering then personalized incentive, featuring loyal customers to brand your product, etc. In short, make sure that they do not need to take a look at your competitor’s business. And as an added benefit, you will gain lots of word-of-mouth marketing, which is probably the most powerful kind of marketing.

#4 Find Brand Advocates
Who trusts your brand? Do you have a loyal customer? Is there a social influence who uses your products? Marketing become natural and much more believable when the products are endorsed by people who actually believe in them. So, track down your most loyal customers and ask them to share their stories. Brand your business channeling through their experience. Encourage all your customers to review your products and showcase them in their peer groups – you can boost this activity by providing them incentives and organizing social media contests.

#5 Participate in tradeshows and expos
If you want to be seen, you should make yourself present – this is as simple as that. You will come to know about many tradeshows and expos where businesses gather to discuss their products or services, share their experiences and hurdles and reveal their future plans. If you attend these events, you can get more knowledge about business and marketing and update yourself with the latest news & trends in your industry. And just like you get to know all these amazing things, you can showcase your business and let people know about yourself. You can resolve queries on the spot; you can meet potential business partners and many more. Marketing could not get any more personal and influential than this.

#6 Create A Referral Program
Putting it in a layman’s term, it is nothing but “I scratch you back & you do mine.” It is a form of mutual marketing. You build a network of related businesses (for example, say flowers, gift shops, party wears, decors, etc.) and help each other out by referring the other businesses to your own customers while the other businesses do the same for you.

The beneficial factor here is that a loyal customer who is satisfied with your product is likely to consider your suggestion for another product more seriously. And hence, thus, both the businesses grow. And if the chain continues, you can conclude that you have an efficient referral program.

Even for the best experts, it is difficult to know for sure which marketing strategy works best for a particular industry in a definite market. But the above mentioned strategies work more or less under any circumstances. What kind of marketing strategies do you use? Let us know in the comments!